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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to our most recent edition of TDF Weekly! It has been a wild and crazy week in The Food Nanny's kitchen. This week, I am sharing some of our favorite items and a little glimpse into my crazy life right now!

What we are wearing:

  • Anthropologie Zodiac Coin Necklace: After seeing a friend of mine wearing this, I had to have it! I decided to get the lion, even though that's not my Zodiac sign. The detail is exquisite and at such a great price!

My Life Lately:

As many of you know, I am writing a cookbook! Holy cow it has been nuts. I now understand why it took my mom 7 years to write her first book! It truly is so much work between coming up with the recipes, lots of trial and error, and more dishes than you can imagine. But the excitement in getting to share all of this with you makes it all worth it! I now know why it took my mom 7 years to write her first book. Here are some highlights about the book so far:

  • My (Lizi) family moved in to my parents home just before they left on their mission. Getting to write and cook in the same kitchen she did has so much meaning for me. I look up to my mom in every possible way and love following in her footsteps!
  • This cookbook is all about Kamut! Our love runs deep for this amazing flour, and so we decided to make things easier for all of you. It will have exact measurement specifically for Kamut, so no more guessing!
  • Some of the recipes in the book will be our favorites that you already know and love! But they will have updated measurements specifically for Kamut. And then we also have tons of new recipes. I am so excited to share them with all of you!
  • Finally, what you have all been waiting for! We are hoping to have the books available in late May, early June. Right now, we are wrapping up the photography portion. And once the design is completed, production will begin!

And now you know why things have looked a little different around here. As exhausting as this has been, it is all worth it to share our love for Kamut with as many people as possible. It is truly life changing. If you haven't tried it yet, grab one of our 5 lb bags and get cooking! We are so grateful to each and every one of you! And don't forget, keep cooking, your family is worth it.


TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to this weeks edition of TDF Weekly! We feel like we are finally getting back in the swing of things after the Holidays. How are you doing with cooking at least 3 times a week? Its not too late to get started! Now lets get to our post:

Favorite Items:

  • Crate and Barrel Marin White Dinner Plates: Des convinced me to buy these a while ago and I started with just 4 plates. Let me tell you, these are amazing! I will be buying more because I never want to use any other plates.
  • Our oven: We don't think a more beautiful oven has ever existed! Sr. Food Nanny fell in love with this oven while remodeling the kitchen last year. The brand is Ilve from Italy. If you are located in Utah, you can find them at Durdens.
  • 5 lb Kamut Bags: Did you see our new bags on instagram? We are so excited with how they turned out! In other exciting news, our 5 lb bags will soon be on Amazon! This is the perfect size for anyone just getting started with Kamut. We promise you will fall in love!

Take Note:

  • Australia fires: to begin, we generally keep things pretty light hearted around here. But from time to time, events happen that demand our attention. Right now, fires are blazing across Australia. 28 people have died so far as well as millions of animals. It is absolutely heartbreaking! If you want to help, there are many places taking donations including the Australian Red Cross.
  • Pinners California: I am so excited to announce that I will be at Pinner CA this year! I loved meeting so many of you in Arizona and Utah, so I have no doubt this will be amazing. Its from March 13-14 in Pomona. If you want to join me, use the code FOODNANNY10 when purchasing your tickets. This will save you 10%! Can't wait to meet some of our California Fannies.
  • Utah Hygge Retreats: Finally, you guys know how much we love all things hygge. On February 21-23, I will be joining this retreat and teaching a bread making workshop. It doesn't get more hygge than homemade bread! Click here for more information!

And that's it for this week! Keep cooking, your family is worth it.


TDF Weekly: New Years Edition

TDF Weekly: New Years Edition

Happy New Year Fannies! We enjoyed spending the Holidays with family, but are ready to get this year started!

For this weeks TDF Weekly, we decided to mix things up a little bit. On social media and all over the internet, you will find various views on New Years Resolutions. Some people love them, others hate them. I have seen people resolving to lose weight, to read more, to eat less sugar, and the list goes on.

We just want to add our two cents to this conversation! However you feel about resolutions, you will want to keep reading!

Families Eating Together

Last week over on instagram, I challenged you to cook at least 3 meals a week for our families. We got several messages saying that seemed a little low, and we agree! The Food Nanny way has always been to cook at home at least 5 days a week. We actually like to have the ingredients for 7 dinners just in case our plans change last minute. But that can seem so daunting if you are just getting started. Three days a week is the place to start, and then add on from there!

To start, studies show that there are tremendous benefits to eating together as a family. After pulling from several articles, we have compiled a list of why we feel so passionately about dinner time.

  • It helps boost nutrition.
  • Mealtime is an opportunity to connect as a family.
  • It gets kids involved in cooking and food prep.
  • Eating together improves self-confidence.
  • It adds structure to busy schedules
  • Teens who eat dinner with their parents twice a week or less are 3 times more likely to smoke, 3 times more likely to smoke marijuana, and 2 times more likely to drink alcohol as those who eat dinner at least three times together. (From the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse from Columbia University 2012)
  • "Mealtime becomes a way for families to bond. It shows children they have access to a caring adult." (From Dr. Harold Koplewicz, director of New York University's Child Study Center)
  • Kids perform better at school.
  • Better Nutrition
  • Better Language and literacy development
  • Fewer eating disorders
  • Families that eat together tend to have healthier relationships with well adjusted children.

Lizi's Message:

For years, the Food Nanny has been all about cooking for your family. This is still a huge part of our message, and always will be. But we also feel so passionately about families eating the same foods together!

First off, we are not big fans of fad diets. Sure, sometimes you need to cut back on certain things to feel your best. But food is not to be feared! There is no such thing as good food or bad food, just portion control.

With this being said, it is so important to eat what your family is eating. Use good clean ingredients like Kamut and our French Salt, and create a delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy. If you do this, you can reach your goals and still enjoy the foods you love!

Staple Meals

Finally, let's get started! Now that you see the importance of eating dinner as a family, we have some delicious meals for you. Almost all of our recipes are quick and easy. They were created to make your life easier! The biggest tip we have for you is to meal plan ahead of time. Knowing what you are making and having the ingredients ahead of time will be a game changer! Here are a few of our staple and quick meals to help get you started:

So what are you waiting for? Get and keep cooking, your family really is worth it! And guess what? You don't have to make yourself separate food to reach your goals. Join us and cook dinner for your family at least 3 times every week. Life is busy and it will sometimes be hard, but you can do it! We are so excited for everything to come in 2020.


To learn more about the above points, check out these articles:

- The National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse of Columbia University 2012

-My Fitness Pal: Why families should prioritize eating together.

-Family Dinner Time: Does it Matter?

-Rescue Dinner for Your Family: From Sr. Food Nanny


The Food Nannies

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Hello Fannies! Can you believe December is already here? With Thanksgiving being so late this year, it feels like the Holiday season is just flying by! Heres a little sneak peak into our week:

Thanksgiving Week:

  • Before Thanksgiving this year, we released a Thanksgiving Menu for you. It came with our complete meal and a plan for the week. This wasn't just for you, it saved me! Getting things done ahead of time made Thanksgiving day so enjoyable!
  • This year, our Thanksgiving looked a little different! Two of the sisters joined Sr. Food Nanny in Europe. And Jr. Food Nanny celebrated with her own little family at home. After a nasty stomach bug, we were just happy to be feeling better in time to celebrate.
  • Didn't prepare your own Thanksgiving meal this year? You can still enjoy our plan at Christmas! Who wouldn't want to eat our unbelievable food at Christmas dinner? If you don't want the whole meal, then just pick out a few of the amazing sides!
  • Christmas Tree chopping: The weekend after Thanksgiving, we head out to the woods to cut down a Christmas tree! It is honestly magical chopping down your very own tree. We always go with a Charlie Brown style and love everything about it!
  • Decorating for Christmas: I'm not going to lie, Christmas decor doesn't always bring me joy! I do not like it to compete with the rest of the decor that I have. So I keep it simple, relatively neutral, and true to my own style! Figuring out your own style can be hard but it makes all the difference.
  • Christmas shopping! Its definitely that time of year! If you missed our post last week, here it is. We have compiled a pretty amazing gift guide for all the cooks in your life. Or lets be honest, a perfect list to treat yourself!

Fun Finds:

Next, here are some fun items we have found and are loving!

  • Food Nanny Cookbooks: Okay okay, this is obviously not something we just found this week! But we get asked all the time where to find all of our recipes. Both Book 1 and Book 2 make the perfect gifts for all the cooks in your life!

Can you tell that we had some fun at World Market this week? It is such a great place to snag some inexpensive and fun pieces!

Well that's a wrap for this week! Make sure to stay tuned over on Instagram throughout the week. There's always a party happening in our kitchen. Keep cooking!


TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Hello Fannies! After an exciting weekend at Pinner Conference AZ, we are so excited to share a few of this weeks favorite things.

Favorite Things from the week:

  • Pinners Conference in AZ: After last weekends conference, I had high hopes for a great couple days. And this weekend did not disappoint! I was able to teach so many people about who we are and what we are all about. I love introducing new friends to our message and products! If you can't tell by the picture, I get a little animated haha. Clearly I'm passionate about what we do! And I still don't have my voice back!
  • White Kamut Bread: Next, I make this bread just about every week for my family. It is so delicious and so easy. The best part is knowing how healthy it is for us. You can't beat the light taste and all the health benefits that come with Kamut. It is a white flour that has more vitamins and nutrients than your traditional wheat flour. I love making it in small loaf pans to make the perfect little sandwiches.
  • Anthropologie Aspen Graphic Tee: I wore this under a sweater at Pinners and I love everything about it! These tees from Anthropologie and perfect for layering.
  • Madewell Slip Skirt in Painted Spots: Finally, this is my absolute favorite skirt right now. I love how in animal prints are! This print just makes me so happy! I really do feel like this skirt just fits my personality.

Well Fannies, that's a wrap for this week! Don't forget to check out our new 2 week meal plan. Cook right along side us this week!


TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Its time for our next TDF Weekly! We have had another fun and crazy week around here. Is there such a thing as a calm week? We definitely don't think so! Being busy is just the normal, so that's why we love our meal plans. It saves so much time doing one big shopping trip and knowing what's for dinner.

What We Did:

  • Update from Food Nanny Sr: She is still loving their mission and her new home. Doesn't it look absolutely dreamy? Liz even found an amazing kitchen store near her for all of her kitchen needs.
  • Live with Abi: Did you guys tune in for this? This was one of my favorite lives I have ever done. Abi is absolutely hilarious, and brings so much light to instagram! If you missed it, you can still watch on IGTV. We made her Sour Cream Banana Bars with our own twist (Kamut and french salt of course) and they are so scrumptious. The bars are topped with a brown butter glaze that is pretty incredible.

What We Wore:

  • Madewell Transport Bag: Okay, so this is technically a camera bag but you would never know. It works perfectly as a purse. I bought this for Food Nanny Sr. before she left and its amazing! One of the best purses either of us has ever owned. I will be buying one for myself now! It really is that good.

What We Ate:

  • Beef Enchilada Supper: Mexican Night is one of our very favorites around here. Most of our Mexican meals are quick and crowd pleasers. We have several different enchilada recipes, but this one never disappoints! Serve a simple salad on the side for a perfectly balanced meal.
  • BBQ Chicken Salad: During the winter, grill night can be a little tricky. But you can always "grill" inside on your stove or an indoor grill. This happens to be one of our very favorite recipes for grill night. The chicken has so much flavor! And that combined with a light and fresh salad makes for the perfect meal.

Well that's a wrap for today! We hope you have a great week and Happy Halloween! Don't forget to follow along with us over on instagram. We will walk you through how to make our various recipes and always keep you entertained!

Thank you for being the best followers. We sure love our Fannies!


TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

It has been another crazy and amazing week around here! We took a quick trip to Montana to visit the Kamut farm and cooked some delicious meals. Our kids started school as well, and we all know how nuts that can be! Here are some of our favorites from the week:

Favorite Things

  • Kamut: Okay, okay, you already know how much we love Kamut. It is the only flour we use, and we want to shout it from the rooftop! We took a very quick trip to the middle of nowhere in beautiful Montana to see just how the whole process works. Andre shared the facts with us, and Jerry showed us a little glimpse into his life. He runs the family farm, and taught us so much!

So what could they say to make us fall even more in love with Kamut? Jerry made us tear up when he was discussing why he loves Kamut and why he chooses to grow organically. He talked about how terrible he would feel at the end of the day when using chemicals. If it made him feel that bad, think of what its doing to our bodies! We love the taste of Kamut, but we love how good it is for us and our families even more. You can order it online here or find a pickup location near you!

  • Crepe Pro: First off, if you caught our live on Friday, you know what we are talking about here! We used the Crepe pro for the first time to make our delicious flour tortillas and crepes and we fell in love! It is so easy to use. The best part is it can be used to make tortillas, pizza, and crepes. We sold them out after our live, but more are coming! And they will continue to honor the food nanny discount code.
  • Strawberries and Cream Cake: Next, this cake is honestly incredible. It is dense, creamy, and amazing. People ask for this cake all the time! Your family will love it!
  • Ikea Pan: We talked about this pan in our stories over the weekend and need to share it again. It is one of the best pans we have ever used, and at such an inexpensive price.
  • Soup Bowls: Finally, aren't these beautiful? We are loving them! We bought ours in France and just love everything about them.

Thats it for this week! Don't forget to check out our meal plan and cook along side us! Have a great week Fannies!


TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to another edition of TDF Weekly! We are finally getting settled and feeling less jet lagged over here. Plus, we are having way too much fun being roommates again!

What we have been Cooking

This week, we wanted to share with you a couple of our favorite recipes we cooked up in the kitchen.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: I think you know our love for these by now, but we can't stop sharing! This is one of the first things I (Lizi) learned to make, and now I am making them with my own daughter!
  • Watermelon Salad: We tried a similar salad in France and created our own version. It is so delicious and refreshing. You have to give it a try!
  • Kamut Wheat Bread: Our Kamut bread with either whole wheat berries or our all purpose Kamut is as good as it gets. This week, we made our bread with the berries for even more nutritional value. You can't go wrong!

What we are Loving

  • Nutrimill: Do you have one of these? Do you even know what it is? haha This is the best grain mill we have ever used. So if you want to cook with the whole wheat kamut berries, you need this!
  • Anthropologie Dishclothes: Have you tried these yet? They are the best dishclothes! The have the perfect texture for washing dishes getting grime off counters. Food Nanny Sr. just discovered these and now she can't get enough either.
  • Myrtille Floral Print Dress: This is another dress that Lizi wore on our France trip, and we had so many questions about it. It is so beautiful and versatile! We love the vibrant green. Dress it up or down!
  • Jcrew Full-skirt Chambray Shirtdress: One last dress from our trip! This is the perfect dress for just about every woman. It doesn't matter your age, size, coloring, this dress is for you!
  • Bud Vases/ Dairy Milk Glasses: Lizi picked up some of these glasses while in France, and we found some for all of you! They are the best cup for your open shelves. We love making fun drinks and putting them in here to make an average day feel special.

Thanks for tuning in Fannies! Keep cooking right along side us for another week of fun!


The Food Nannies!

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to this weeks edition of TDF weekly! We are loving this new post, and hope you are too.

This weeks picks:

  • Lizi's Tretorn Tournament Net Sneakers: These are the absolute best! So adorable, and equally as comfortable. Sometimes you don't want to wear a pair of sandals in the summer and these are the perfect alternative. I plan on wearing them all around France in a couple weeks!
  • 4th of July: We cannot wait to celebrate on of our favorite holidays later this week! We are so grateful to live in this great country and enjoy the freedoms other have fought so hard for.
  • Kamut: This is no surprise, we love KAMUT! We have been using it for a couple years now. We love it so much we decided to sell it. If you haven't tried it yet, do it now! It is an ancient organic grain that is much easier to digest. Plus, it tastes delicious. You can either buy it online or visit one of our pickup locations/warehouse.
  • Madewell Silk Skinny Bandada: We are LOVING tying our hair back with these adorable bandanas and scarves. They are perfect for keeping our hair out of our faces during the summer while still looking put together.
  • Starter Kit: We have a new item in our store! This is perfect if you are new to us here at the Food Nanny. It includes both cookbooks, both salts, our measuring spoon, and a 5 lb bag of flour. All of our favorite things in one click!
  • Angela's Home: Did you catch our stories on Friday? We toured Angela's incredible home and left so inspired. Her peonies were unbelievable, and she shared so many great tips. Check it all out in our Kitchen Decor highlight on instagram.
  • Amazon: We love the convince of shopping here. How nice is it to just think of something you need, click a button, and have it at your door the next day? It spoils us! Make sure and check out our Amazon Store for some of our favorite things!
  • Banana Blueberry Muffins: We just talked about these on Friday and can't get enough! They make the perfect summer breakfast or snack that the whole family will love.

xoxo! We hope you have a great week, and keep cooking right along side of us!

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to another TDF weekly! This week we are doing a little Fathers Day addition for you! Here are some amazing ideas for Fathers Day gifts and food to make for all the fathers in your life!

Traeger Pro Grill: If a father in your life doesn't have a smoker, this is a must! Everything you make in the oven can be made in a Traeger smoker but tastes even better. It gives everything such a rich flavor. It is amazing!

Meat Rubs: This is a great idea for the dad who already loves smoking! These rubs are so fun to play around with different flavors.

Steel Baking Stone for BBQ pizza: Perfect for summer pizza grilling!

Ancestory DNA: This is such a unique and special gift! It is something they will always remember. And if you order before June 17th, you will get 40% off.

Electric Razor: This is something that most men use, but don't love buying for themselves. Especially when it comes to a nice electric one! It is a gift that takes care of a need while still being exciting.

Ray Ban Sunglasses: These are our absolute favorite sunglasses! They look amazing on just about everyone, and worth every penny.

AirPods: These are all the rage these days, and we get it. They make working and listening to music or books so convenient! We guarantee that dad will loves these.

Chef's Knife: Does your husband or dad do some of the cooking at your house? If he does, he will LOVE this knife! Using a good quality knife made the world of difference.

Our Homemade Kamut Bread: You don't have to spend a lot of money to make dads feel special. Make them some of our amazing Kamut bread, and they will be as happy as can be! It really is that good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Look no farther than our amazing chocolate chip cookies! Make them with Kamut, good quality butter, and our french salt, and you will knock your dads socks off. Wrap them up with a bow to make it seem extra special.

Strawberry Shortcake: Talk about the perfect dessert to make on Father Day! It is easy and so delicious. Every bite just reminds me of all the good parts of summer. You have to serve this after Fathers Day dinner, it will be a hit!

And that's a wrap! Have a great week fannies, we sure do love and appreciate you!