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In Case You Missed It... May 6th-May 12th

In Case You Missed It... May 6th-May 12th

We hope you all had a wonderful week, and especially an amazing Mother Day! We know we sure did!

Tuesday's Live

We started off the week with a fun live with Aimee! Food Nanny Sr. was in France, but the show must go on. We love any excuse to let you guys into our lives and show you more of our family!

In honor of Mother Day, we decided to show you how to make our unbelievable Almond Cake. Every time we have served this, people have absolutely died over it. It is simple as can be and delicious. Everyone can make it!

And once we started making the cake with Kamut, it took it to the next level! Make sure and check out our pickup locations or order Kamut online if you haven't tried it yet. We all use flour, so why not upgrade in nutrition and taste?

Food Nanny Sr. in France

For most of the week, Food Nanny Sr. was in France once again! Can you tell we love it? Mostly we want to make sure our Fannie trip this summer is absolutely perfect!

Every time we go to Paris we find new places to eat. We have favorites we always go back to as well. Here are a few of our favorite pics this time.

We love our crepe place La Droguerie, 56 Du Marais. You have to try this place for the ham and cheese crepe. He uses Gruyere cheese with the ham and puts salt and pepper on it. Sounds simple, right? Honestly, it’s the best savory crepe I have ever eaten.

We love to eat at Les Deux Magots. We try and eat there every time we go to Paris. It’s a very Persian café. Love the service. Men are in white with black aprons. It is so cozy. Tiny tables, white linen if you’re having dinner with deliciously served food ! I think it’s one of the best price points in Paris as well. Medium priced. We had the Sea Bass which we love!!!

A new favorite is the Presto Fresco. Love there Pizza and Pasta. We had the Burreta with Mozarella. We also tried the Lemon Ravioli…Divine. This place is a must! Love how cozy and warm this place was. The décor is wonderful. Don’t miss it ! It is actually a chain…there are a few of them around Paris…Go to this one: 14 Rue Montmartre 75001 Paris.

And then go eat at the top of the Ciel De Paris. Go to the 56 floor and take in the view! Even if you order just a Coke and a snack in the lounge it is worth going to. Take a little rest here like we did. It’s delightful. 33, avenue du Maine Tour Maine Montparnasse. Don’t miss this place!!

Finally, don't forget about Meert. You have to try their Belgium waffles. You can find them all over Paris. They are famous for their thin waffles. They are also cold instead of the typical way waffles as served. The waffles are served with homemade buttercream that is unbelievably delicious. Try the vanilla or the pistachio. It is a must!


On Thursday night, we went to a little party at Courtney's home from Cakebycourtney. She gave us all a little cake lesson and had the most delicious food spread.

It was so fun getting to know some other influencers better! We brought our insane Beer Bread with strawberry butter. We dream about this bread if we go too long between making it!


Holy cow did we have a crazy day on Friday! We started off the day on Good Things Utah. We love doing TV segments! It is such a blast. We talked about all the things going on with us over on Instagram. We love sharing our love for Kamut and French Salt.

We shared the recipe of our Crazy Good Fruit Tart. If you haven't tried this dessert yet, you are seriously missing out. It's unreal, especially in the summer time. To make it, you need a tart pan. We love this one! Bring this dessert to your next dinner. Have fun with how you arrange the fruit. It is so fun and easy! You can catch our segment here if you happened to miss it!

Then we decided to do a spontaneous Live Q and A with you guys! We love just chatting with you and sharing what we love. We are so passionate about what we do and the messages we want to get out there!

We want you to know how important dinner time is for your family. But we also want you to have confidence in yourself. Don't waste your days obsessing over every calorie you eat. We preach portion control, and we live by it everyday!

And we have gotten so many questions about our favorite lip colors! You guys have to give these a try! Its Revlon Colorstay Overtime. We love infinite raspberry, unlimited mulberry, and boundless nude. We have tried so many different colors, many much more expensive, and this is far and away our favorite. Treat yourself to a color or two!

Meal Plan:

Heres what we are cooking this week!

Monday: Carot Potato Soup with Ginger

Tuesday: Zitti with Arugula, Pesto, and Sausage

Wednesday: Broccoli and Swiss/Cheddar Frittata

Thursday: Carne Asada Tacos

Friday: Authentic Margherita Pizza

Saturday: Roast Salmon with Tarragon

Sunday: BBQ Beef Sandwiches


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