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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to another TDF weekly! This week we are doing a little Fathers Day addition for you! Here are some amazing ideas for Fathers Day gifts and food to make for all the fathers in your life!

Traeger Pro Grill: If a father in your life doesn't have a smoker, this is a must! Everything you make in the oven can be made in a Traeger smoker but tastes even better. It gives everything such a rich flavor. It is amazing!

Meat Rubs: This is a great idea for the dad who already loves smoking! These rubs are so fun to play around with different flavors.

Steel Baking Stone for BBQ pizza: Perfect for summer pizza grilling!

Ancestory DNA: This is such a unique and special gift! It is something they will always remember. And if you order before June 17th, you will get 40% off.

Electric Razor: This is something that most men use, but don't love buying for themselves. Especially when it comes to a nice electric one! It is a gift that takes care of a need while still being exciting.

Ray Ban Sunglasses: These are our absolute favorite sunglasses! They look amazing on just about everyone, and worth every penny.

AirPods: These are all the rage these days, and we get it. They make working and listening to music or books so convenient! We guarantee that dad will loves these.

Chef's Knife: Does your husband or dad do some of the cooking at your house? If he does, he will LOVE this knife! Using a good quality knife made the world of difference.

Our Homemade Kamut Bread: You don't have to spend a lot of money to make dads feel special. Make them some of our amazing Kamut bread, and they will be as happy as can be! It really is that good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Look no farther than our amazing chocolate chip cookies! Make them with Kamut, good quality butter, and our french salt, and you will knock your dads socks off. Wrap them up with a bow to make it seem extra special.

Strawberry Shortcake: Talk about the perfect dessert to make on Father Day! It is easy and so delicious. Every bite just reminds me of all the good parts of summer. You have to serve this after Fathers Day dinner, it will be a hit!

And that's a wrap! Have a great week fannies, we sure do love and appreciate you!

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