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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

It has been another crazy and amazing week around here! We took a quick trip to Montana to visit the Kamut farm and cooked some delicious meals. Our kids started school as well, and we all know how nuts that can be! Here are some of our favorites from the week:

Favorite Things

  • Kamut: Okay, okay, you already know how much we love Kamut. It is the only flour we use, and we want to shout it from the rooftop! We took a very quick trip to the middle of nowhere in beautiful Montana to see just how the whole process works. Andre shared the facts with us, and Jerry showed us a little glimpse into his life. He runs the family farm, and taught us so much!

So what could they say to make us fall even more in love with Kamut? Jerry made us tear up when he was discussing why he loves Kamut and why he chooses to grow organically. He talked about how terrible he would feel at the end of the day when using chemicals. If it made him feel that bad, think of what its doing to our bodies! We love the taste of Kamut, but we love how good it is for us and our families even more. You can order it online here or find a pickup location near you!

  • Crepe Pro: First off, if you caught our live on Friday, you know what we are talking about here! We used the Crepe pro for the first time to make our delicious flour tortillas and crepes and we fell in love! It is so easy to use. The best part is it can be used to make tortillas, pizza, and crepes. We sold them out after our live, but more are coming! And they will continue to honor the food nanny discount code.
  • Strawberries and Cream Cake: Next, this cake is honestly incredible. It is dense, creamy, and amazing. People ask for this cake all the time! Your family will love it!
  • Ikea Pan: We talked about this pan in our stories over the weekend and need to share it again. It is one of the best pans we have ever used, and at such an inexpensive price.
  • Soup Bowls: Finally, aren't these beautiful? We are loving them! We bought ours in France and just love everything about them.

Thats it for this week! Don't forget to check out our meal plan and cook along side us! Have a great week Fannies!


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