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Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Strips

My daughter in law Lisa is always bringing us something new to try. She brought this salsa to a summer BBQ a few years ago. We all went crazy over the cinnamon in the salsa and strips. You will too!! It is refreshing and fun to eat. Cinnamon has always been a favorite spice of the Mexican culture.

Ravioli with Sage in Butter Sauce

Ravioli with Sage in Butter Sauce

This is a SUPER yummy main or side dish!!

This is such an easy dinner! The ravioli is something you can keep on hand and make in no time at all. We love easy meals like this……especially around the holidays! And who doesn’t like a butter sauce??!! Serve it with a green salad and warm bread! YUM!!!!!

Old School Hamburger Stew

Old School Hamburger Stew

We love this stew! This recipe comes from my grandma. She would make it for my dad once a week in the 1950s.

She always served it with muffins on the side, so we like to do the same! May seem like a weird pairing, but it is perfect for comfort food night.

If you aren’t feeling muffins, you can also serve it with some of our delicious rolls, baguettes, or even our lemon blueberry scones!

If you are wanting to switch it up a little bit, you can use ground turkey instead of the ground beef. This cuts back on some of the fat.

We continue to make and love this meal in our home today! It feels so special serving the same meal my grandma served her children. It truly is timeless and delicious!


Whole Wheat Kamut Bran Muffins

Whole Wheat Kamut Bran Muffins

You won’t believe how delicious these bran muffins are! People hear whole wheat and bran and expect something to be lacking in flavor. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth with these delicious muffins!

Each batch makes about 40 muffins. I love to make them and serve for breakfast, and the freeze the rest. We then take them out for busy weekday breakfasts or for after school snacks.

Your entire family will love these! And it feels so good watching them eat something that is so healthy and nutrient dense.

If you don’t have Kamut, you can still make these! We did for years. But we promise, switching to Kamut will upgrade these as well as everything else you make!

West Virginia Hot Dogs

We learned how to make this recipe from Jan while working on the Food Nanny show. We were shooting in Solvang, California when she made us her famous West Virginia hot dogs. We all fell in love with Jan and her hot dogs. These have become my favorite hot dogs ever!

A West Virginia Hot Dog is topped with chili sauce and coleslaw. It may seem strange, but it’s amazing. Our no beans chili honestly make this meal.

Our entire family adores these hot dogs. It just screams summertime! When the seasons start to change, we make this meal to hold on to the last piece of summer fun.

To make for an easy dinner time, you can make the chili and coleslaw 1 day ahead of time. I like to keep the ingredients separate and let everyone make their hot dog exactly how the want it!

Next grill night, give this a try! You might think you won’t like it, but everyone does. This recipe will make you a believer in hot dogs again!



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