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TDF weekly

TDF weekly

Welcome to our latest edition of TDF Weekly. We had a wonderful week celebrating the 4th of July with our family and hope you did too!

Our All American 4th of July spread!


  • Moving! Food Nanny Jr. is getting ready to move in to Food Nanny Sr. amazing home! We are so excited about this, but moving can be so exhausting. To help, I have been decluttering like crazy. I have cleaned out closets, drawers, you name it! This way, my life will be so much easier come end of this month. If you don't want it now, you want want it in your new home!
  • Mission Call: In case you missed it, Food Nanny Sr. and Mr. Food Nanny are heading on another mission! They will be heading to Brussels, Belgium September 15th! This is why Lizi is moving in.
  • France trip! You know the trip we have been talking about all year? It is finally just around the corner and we could not be more excited. Our adventure starts next week!


  • Family time: With our long holiday weekend, we had so much time together! Kids are none stop and summer can be exhausting. But when we take time to slow down and just enjoy time together, there is nothing better.
  • Copper! You know our love for copper runs deep. We have been loving our jam pots, and just got several more incredible items. These are amazing, especially for the price. It is something you will have for generations!
  1. Copper Jam pot- 3 liter and thick walled. This one we have shown you a couple times and can't get enough of it!
  2. 3 piece set: If you are going to buy just one thing today, make it be this! Who doesn't want a 3 piece copper set? The price of these guys may go up after the summer, so don't wait!
  3. Copper Saucepan: This is ideal for caramel. It is one of their most popular items and we aren't surprised one bit.
  4. Copper kimmer with Cast iron handle and Copper Ladle. Both of these items are super practical in the kitchen and make the perfect pair to all other copper products.
  5. Copper Beating Bowl: perfect for beating eggs, or anything really.
  6. Tinned Copper Stock Pot: This is absolutely beautiful! Just looking at it makes us so happy! If you decide to go with this one, remember that tin can be pretty sensitive. So you don't want to use too high of a temperature with it. Check out this article for proper use.

Can you tell we love copper? It has become one of our favorite things, and we hope you add some to your kitchen. We want you to feel the same joy it has brought us! It really is kitchen art and we can't get enough.

Have a wonderful week Fannies! xoxo

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to this weeks edition of TDF weekly! We are loving this new post, and hope you are too.

This weeks picks:

  • Lizi's Tretorn Tournament Net Sneakers: These are the absolute best! So adorable, and equally as comfortable. Sometimes you don't want to wear a pair of sandals in the summer and these are the perfect alternative. I plan on wearing them all around France in a couple weeks!
  • 4th of July: We cannot wait to celebrate on of our favorite holidays later this week! We are so grateful to live in this great country and enjoy the freedoms other have fought so hard for.
  • Kamut: This is no surprise, we love KAMUT! We have been using it for a couple years now. We love it so much we decided to sell it. If you haven't tried it yet, do it now! It is an ancient organic grain that is much easier to digest. Plus, it tastes delicious. You can either buy it online or visit one of our pickup locations/warehouse.
  • Madewell Silk Skinny Bandada: We are LOVING tying our hair back with these adorable bandanas and scarves. They are perfect for keeping our hair out of our faces during the summer while still looking put together.
  • Starter Kit: We have a new item in our store! This is perfect if you are new to us here at the Food Nanny. It includes both cookbooks, both salts, our measuring spoon, and a 5 lb bag of flour. All of our favorite things in one click!
  • Angela's Home: Did you catch our stories on Friday? We toured Angela's incredible home and left so inspired. Her peonies were unbelievable, and she shared so many great tips. Check it all out in our Kitchen Decor highlight on instagram.
  • Amazon: We love the convince of shopping here. How nice is it to just think of something you need, click a button, and have it at your door the next day? It spoils us! Make sure and check out our Amazon Store for some of our favorite things!
  • Banana Blueberry Muffins: We just talked about these on Friday and can't get enough! They make the perfect summer breakfast or snack that the whole family will love.

xoxo! We hope you have a great week, and keep cooking right along side of us!

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Hello Fannies! Welcome to this weeks edition of TDF weekly. It has been another exciting week around these parts.


  • Our new favorite Summer refresher drink! To make it at your house, all you need is crushed ice, lemon slices, blackberries, grenadine syrup to taste, Perrier, fresh tarragon, and mint. So delicious!
  • We showed you our Italian Picnic, and man it is dreamy!
  • River Ranch Events VRBO- talk about a picturesque location.
  • Live Q and A with Elizabeth Smart. She is so beautiful and gracious. We had such a blast teaching her how to make our Famous French Baguettes.
  • We finally posted all about our Patio makeover!


And now for a few of our favorite finds this week!

  • Tabletop Grill: We found one like ours! This is perfect for entertaining. We fell in love instantly when we saw it in action in Lucca, Italy. If you do not have a tabletop grill like this, you can make due with your BBQ grill. Kids love this!
  • Salt Jars: Our salt jars are back! But already out of stock. We love that you guys love these as much as we do. Don't worry, we will be restocking again soon so stay tuned if you missed this round. We are so glad you love the little salt canisters as well.
  • Have you ever tried our sugar cookie bars before? It is one of our most popular recipes, and we have to agree! We love them so much, we decided to make a fun new version. That way, you have an excuse to make them more often! Check out our new Creamy white chocolate bars. We think they will make the perfect 4th of July treat!
  • Jelly Roll pans: One of our Fannies found our favorite cookie sheets on amazon! You can even buy a lid for the top, which we highly recommend.

Food Nanny Sr. News:

We have huge news over here! Food Nanny Sr., along with Mr. Food Nanny, will be heading out on another mission on September 15th. They will be serving in Brussels, Belgium for about 18 months. Things are changing around here, but Food Nanny Jr. will be keeping our message alive!

Have a great week Fannies, we love you!

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

It has been another great week! We hope that you all had a wonderful Fathers Day and enjoyed some delicious food! At our homes, we had a magical dinner together celebrating all the dads in our lives.

Let's get started! The two of us may be food bloggers, but we love good clothes! Those of you who know us well, know we have been known to shop till we drop a time or two. It is so much fun sharing a few out our favorite purchases each week. So Shop away!

  • Madewell Breezeway Pullover Sweater: Speaking of staple pieces for your wardrobe, this is another one! Good sweaters are hard to come by. It is no secret we love Madewell, but they really do make good quality pieces that don't go in and out of style.
  • 13 Pack Towels: Next up, you may have seen these this week on our stories. We LOVE them. They don't leave streaks and are perfect for drying. And you can't beat a 13 pack!
  • Homemade French Baguettes: Have you made these yet? Our baguettes are so easy, and so delicious! They pair well with just about every meal, and go with countless dips for an appetizer. They take about 30 minutes start to finish. You can't pick up a loaf at the grocery store in that time!
  • If you can believer it, our baguettes are so amazing we decided to talk about them on Studio 5! Click here for our segment. And speaking of our favorite things, Studio 5 has to be on here too. We feel right at home cooking in their kitchen.
  • 'Montauk' Tee from Jcrew: And last but not least, this shirt is quickly becoming one of our favorites. And the main reason for this is because it is New York, and we love everything about the Big Apple. Just looking at the shirt transports us right to the heart of the city!

Please join us for another fun week over on instagram! And check out what we will be cooking up this week on our two week meal plan.

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Welcome to another TDF weekly! This week we are doing a little Fathers Day addition for you! Here are some amazing ideas for Fathers Day gifts and food to make for all the fathers in your life!

Traeger Pro Grill: If a father in your life doesn't have a smoker, this is a must! Everything you make in the oven can be made in a Traeger smoker but tastes even better. It gives everything such a rich flavor. It is amazing!

Meat Rubs: This is a great idea for the dad who already loves smoking! These rubs are so fun to play around with different flavors.

Steel Baking Stone for BBQ pizza: Perfect for summer pizza grilling!

Ancestory DNA: This is such a unique and special gift! It is something they will always remember. And if you order before June 17th, you will get 40% off.

Electric Razor: This is something that most men use, but don't love buying for themselves. Especially when it comes to a nice electric one! It is a gift that takes care of a need while still being exciting.

Ray Ban Sunglasses: These are our absolute favorite sunglasses! They look amazing on just about everyone, and worth every penny.

AirPods: These are all the rage these days, and we get it. They make working and listening to music or books so convenient! We guarantee that dad will loves these.

Chef's Knife: Does your husband or dad do some of the cooking at your house? If he does, he will LOVE this knife! Using a good quality knife made the world of difference.

Our Homemade Kamut Bread: You don't have to spend a lot of money to make dads feel special. Make them some of our amazing Kamut bread, and they will be as happy as can be! It really is that good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Look no farther than our amazing chocolate chip cookies! Make them with Kamut, good quality butter, and our french salt, and you will knock your dads socks off. Wrap them up with a bow to make it seem extra special.

Strawberry Shortcake: Talk about the perfect dessert to make on Father Day! It is easy and so delicious. Every bite just reminds me of all the good parts of summer. You have to serve this after Fathers Day dinner, it will be a hit!

And that's a wrap! Have a great week fannies, we sure do love and appreciate you!

TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

We are switching things up around here and are so excited about it! Each week, we will be posting a list of some things we are loving. This will be a little glimpse into our lives and things we are wearing, buying, and doing. So get excited, our TDF (to die for) weekly list is going to be fun!

  • The oversized Jean Jacket in Junction wash: . After wearing this on one of our lives, I had so many questions about this. It is from Madewell and I am loving it! The oversize fit makes it so comfortable and perfect to pair with your favorite skinny jeans.
  • Earlier this week, we had the incredible privilege of going to lunch with Elizabeth Smart. Can you even believe she loves our recipes? Talk about an honor! We think the world of her and can't wait for our live together!
  • Food Nannies Patio: Did you catch our live a couple weeks ago all about our patio makeover? It is the perfect place to enjoy the start of summer! We will be doing a post with all the details so stay tuned.
  • Madewell Whisper Cotton T-Shirt: This is a staple for us, and a good classic T-shirt every closet needs! It comes in a ton of different colors. This is our go-to, everyday, T-shirt.
  • Northside Vintage Tee: Okay, we don't have this shirt yet but we just ordered it. A friend of ours was just saying how amazing it is, so we can't wait to see for ourselves!
  • Cornbread: We love this cornbread! It pairs amazingly well with chili, salads, you name it! So easy and scrumptious.
  • The Boxy-Crop Jean Jacket: Can you tell we love Madewell? I have this jean jacket too, and its the perfect one to wear over a dress. Perfect for summer.
  • Cookie Ice cream Sandwiches: With kids out of school over here, we have had these yummy treats on our mind! So delicious and easy, but they somehow feel special. So ridiculously good! Don't you just want to take a bite out of one right now?
  • Copper Beating Bowl: We have said it before, and we will say it again... you need this! We use it just about everyday and can't get enough. It is so beautiful and such an amazing price. Treat yourself, you need this!

And that's a wrap! Make sure and let us know any questions you have about what we are wearing and using, and maybe that item will be featured in next weeks TDF weekly! Keep cooking fannies, your family is worth it!

The Food Nanny Mothers Day Gift Guide

The Food Nanny Mothers Day Gift Guide

Can you believe Mother Day is THIS Sunday? It has completely snuck up on us. We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite things for last minute gift ideas.

Some of these items will keep even the most difficult person happy this week! Or if you are like us, you need some ideas to send your husband. It can be hard thinking of things for yourself, so look no further!

Whatever your price point is, this list is for you. And if Mothers Day comes and goes, treat yourself to a little something. Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding part of what we do. We love cooking, but our family is what makes it all worth it.

Motherhood sometimes get a bad wrap. You get no sleep. Kids are messy and loud. It is far from a glamorous job. You work all day to wake up and repeat the same tasks in the morning. Being a mom us hard, both emotionally and physically. But is there anything more rewarding than teaching and loving children?

Whether you are a loving aunt or friend to children, have young children at home, or have moved on to the grandma phase of life, happy Mothers Day! Aren't we all mothers in many ways? Today is a day to honor those who raised us and those who have helped along the way. It is a wonderful excuse to celebrate women and the wonderful work we are doing!

So stepping off our soap box, here is our very own Mother Day gift guide! All of these items are things we own and love, so we promise you will too.

Items for the kitchen:

Mosser Glass Cake Plate in milk White: We absolutely love this cake plate! It looks adorable on an open shelf, and even better with one of our amazing cakes on it.

Danish Dough Whisk: If you don't have one of these in your kitchen yet, you need it! This is the perfect gift for any moms on your list who enjoy baking. It is inexpensive and so practical! Aimee, this one is for you! (watch our live from Tuesday if you don't know what we are talking about).

Kitchen Aid: You can make all of our recipes completely by hand, but Kitchen Aids are amazing. They make mixing so easy! And we can't get over how beautiful this color is.

TFN Measuring Spoon: You will never worry about trying to find all your different measuring cups again. This little guy is nice and cheap and makes the perfect little gift.

Staub Pots: We cannot get enough of these incredible pots. It is an investment, but you will have it forever! And they make beautiful kitchen art. Here it is in 2.75 quart, 3.75 quart, 5.5 quart. You won't regret this purchase!

Copper Pots: You know we can't get enough of these incredible pots! Something that will be in your family for generations to come. Check it out in either 3 liter or 4 liter. They are such amazing quality for the price!

Threshold Decorative White Bowl from Target: You know how much we love this amazing bowl!

Threshold Decorative White Vase from Target: And we are equally obsessed with it in vase form.

TFN Aprons: These aprons make for the perfect gift! They are adorable, and come out of the wash looking as good as new!Wood Serving/ Cutting Board: We have these in multiple places in our kitchen and can't get enough. They make the most simple food display look gourmet and elegant. Wood boards also make great bread cutting boards. And the more you use it, the more antique and genuine your board will look!

TFN Aprons: These aprons make for the perfect gift! They are adorable, and come out of the wash looking as good as new!

Items outside of the Kitchen

Amaris Pearl Drop Earrings: Food Nanny Jr. wore these the other day, and they are a show stopper! This is an easy way to brighten up even the most simple outfit.

Capri Blue Candle: Have you smelled this amazing candle? We certainly were not the ones to discover it, but we think everyone needs it in their lives!

Leather Backpack: You guys know our love for Madewell. It is definitely our most frequented store for clothes and accessories. When we found this backpack, we just had to have it! It will be perfect for our France trip this summer. And it also comes in a smaller size if that's more your style.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Made By Mary Necklaces: We absolutely love these necklaces! They are well made and look brand new even after wearing a million times. We love how simple they are. You can get one personalized, or just keep it plain. The two necklaces we have are the zola disk necklace and the bar necklace. We love them both!

Now have yourself a Happy Mothers Day! xoxo

Trader Joes

Trader Joes
FINALLY!! We are posting our FAVORITES from Trader Joe’s! We are always up for trying new things.. but ALWAYS come back to these favorites!! When we walk into the door of Trader Joe’s right away we love to look at the beautiful flowers! Their prices are always fabulous for flowers! We love the seasonal selections and then our staples that seem to always speeak to us which are the Hydgrangea and Israeli Ruscus and Tulips !! When its cold and cloudy outside flowers seem to brighten our every day. Fresh, or dried arrangements seems to bring a sense of peace into the home. Make sure to grab a basil plant to have on hand for cooking!!! Place the plant into a cute canning jar and add water to keep it fresh. Next stop Produce- love their produce!! Always love to make sure to remember to get a bag of lemons and limes. Super great price and love to have them on hand to add to sparkling water and soda. Not to mention we use them in cooking and baking all day long! Their fruit is always a fabulous price!! Then we love to grab some tomatoes on the vine or grape tomatoes. We have realized the smaller the tomato the better! They are the most consistent in flavor and freshness!! Then we stop at the Meat Deparment- Honestly we love their meat. Love the quality and you can tell the difference! If you are on a tight budget or cooking for a large family, we wouldn’t suggest that its the best place to purchase meat! Costco is more affordable. Danish Kringle- We saw it every time we came to Trader Joe’s and never bought it because we didn’t know what it was! Now when we go into the store we have others asking us what it is and why we are buying it??!! HAHA!! Because it’s seriously yummy!! They constantly change the flavors. We love the almond, pecan and raspberry. These Kringle remind us of a cheese danish! You can eat it cold or you can heat it up in the oven either way.. we LOVE IT!!! You can even freeze it, they freeze really well! You can freeze for up to 2 months! Perfect for a breakfast or just a dessert! Give it a try !!! Pound Plus Milk Chocolate - We have seriously become famous for our Mexican Hot Chocolate! We have followers that are saying they have never liked hot chocolate until now!! We get comments that they cant stop making it!! There was even a time that a Trader Joe’s in Utah was completely sold out of it because of us!! It is that amazing and you can get the recipe here !!! Your family will love it and its a must for these winter months!!!! Apple Cider - We have tried every homemade version and this is the best! We love to heat it up with a couple of cinnamon sticks. After it’s warm, put a dollop of homemade whip cream! It is seriously good! Canned Tomatoes- These are a serious must when you come to Trader Joe’s Stock up! They are the best prices out there and the quailty and taste is AMAZING!! You have to get the Tomato Sauce, San Marzano Tomatoes and Tomato Paste. The diced tomato’s are great too !! Their Mariana is super good and so inexpensive! We love to get the marinara for our Mostociolli and also for one of our Tomaot Soup recipes ! Cheese Deparment- This is where our HEART is!! We seriously feel like we relate with the French so well about their love for cheese! Eating fresh cheese is a huge part of our every day diet!! You won’t find a better price or quailty then at Trader Joe’s! These are the staples that we constantly have on hand! The fresh Mozzarella , Manchego, Gruyere, Emmentaler (especially for our fondue) , Chevre Honey Goat Log, Parmesean Reggiano , Comte, Unexpected Cheddar, Gouda, Creamy Toscano. These are the ones that we seriously cannot get enough of ! Crackers- Love their crackers espeically to go with the cheeses! We love to eat this for lunch or if your ever doing charcuterie board! Their crackers are a must. We love the Fig and Olive Crisps and Rasin Rosemary Crisps! The BEST! California Estate Olive Oil- I love this olive oil because it has a fresh peppery taste! I love that its American Grown in California and its a great price! Makeup Wipes- This is a random product that we love! We have tried many different makeup wipes and they are the perfect wetness and perfect size! They really get off the makeup well for a great deal! Wine- We also buy most of the wine that we cook with at Trader Joe’s. Here in Utah the wine is not available. Purchase some if you are out of state, the wine stores forever! When we post something that we really love.. your getting our stamp of approval!!! We will always add to this list whenever we find other must haves, that we cant live without from Trader Joe’s!! XO Liz & Lizi

The Food Nanny Favorites for November

The Food Nanny Favorites for November
Hello Fannies! We are thrilled to present with you with The Food Nanny Favorites for the month of November. We have carefully selected things and recipes that we know you will love as much as we do. Everything that we recommend we absolutely swear by! xoxo a. The Food Nanny Hot Pads | These handmade hot pads are THE BEST EVER! The weight, the size, the color. You can wash and bleach them and they still come out looking perfect! Handmade by Henrietta. b. ETU Bread Board | This is our favorite bread board...we pull this out for everything! We love to use it for serving our favorite cheeses, all breads, charcuterie, sandwiches and the list goes on...LOVE! c. Hot Chocolate Mug | Love this affordable and beautiful mug. Everything from the size to the color is so dreamy. d. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread | Our yummy, moist pumpkin choc chip bread has been on our minds a lot lately. The texture and taste are to die for! Perfect for this weather! e. Mexican Hot Chocolate | The absolute BEST and most DELICIOUS hot chocolate you will ever taste. We promise! f. Lisa's Raspberry Dressing Salad | Our dear Sister-in-law, Lisa, always makes THE best salads! This one is no exception, we could eat this every day. So light and refreshing! g. Colorful Dish Cloths | We just love these dish cloths. We use them daily! They are the perfect weight, size and come in such fun colors. Great price too! h. Trader Joes California Estate Olive Oil | This is one of our favorites! The price point is perfect. It's delicious and we love the bottle too. Not to mention, we love supporting the U.S.! i. Candle Barr Co. Fig & Grapefruit Candle | Lizi always has this candle going...spring, summer, fall or winter! It is so welcoming and the scent is heavenly. j. Caldrea Soap | This has got to be one of the best smelling soaps EVER! We just can't get enough. We love a delicious soap in the kitchen.