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Trader Joes

Trader Joes
FINALLY!! We are posting our FAVORITES from Trader Joe’s! We are always up for trying new things.. but ALWAYS come back to these favorites!! When we walk into the door of Trader Joe’s right away we love to look at the beautiful flowers! Their prices are always fabulous for flowers! We love the seasonal selections and then our staples that seem to always speeak to us which are the Hydgrangea and Israeli Ruscus and Tulips !! When its cold and cloudy outside flowers seem to brighten our every day. Fresh, or dried arrangements seems to bring a sense of peace into the home. Make sure to grab a basil plant to have on hand for cooking!!! Place the plant into a cute canning jar and add water to keep it fresh. Next stop Produce- love their produce!! Always love to make sure to remember to get a bag of lemons and limes. Super great price and love to have them on hand to add to sparkling water and soda. Not to mention we use them in cooking and baking all day long! Their fruit is always a fabulous price!! Then we love to grab some tomatoes on the vine or grape tomatoes. We have realized the smaller the tomato the better! They are the most consistent in flavor and freshness!! Then we stop at the Meat Deparment- Honestly we love their meat. Love the quality and you can tell the difference! If you are on a tight budget or cooking for a large family, we wouldn’t suggest that its the best place to purchase meat! Costco is more affordable. Danish Kringle- We saw it every time we came to Trader Joe’s and never bought it because we didn’t know what it was! Now when we go into the store we have others asking us what it is and why we are buying it??!! HAHA!! Because it’s seriously yummy!! They constantly change the flavors. We love the almond, pecan and raspberry. These Kringle remind us of a cheese danish! You can eat it cold or you can heat it up in the oven either way.. we LOVE IT!!! You can even freeze it, they freeze really well! You can freeze for up to 2 months! Perfect for a breakfast or just a dessert! Give it a try !!! Pound Plus Milk Chocolate - We have seriously become famous for our Mexican Hot Chocolate! We have followers that are saying they have never liked hot chocolate until now!! We get comments that they cant stop making it!! There was even a time that a Trader Joe’s in Utah was completely sold out of it because of us!! It is that amazing and you can get the recipe here !!! Your family will love it and its a must for these winter months!!!! Apple Cider - We have tried every homemade version and this is the best! We love to heat it up with a couple of cinnamon sticks. After it’s warm, put a dollop of homemade whip cream! It is seriously good! Canned Tomatoes- These are a serious must when you come to Trader Joe’s Stock up! They are the best prices out there and the quailty and taste is AMAZING!! You have to get the Tomato Sauce, San Marzano Tomatoes and Tomato Paste. The diced tomato’s are great too !! Their Mariana is super good and so inexpensive! We love to get the marinara for our Mostociolli and also for one of our Tomaot Soup recipes ! Cheese Deparment- This is where our HEART is!! We seriously feel like we relate with the French so well about their love for cheese! Eating fresh cheese is a huge part of our every day diet!! You won’t find a better price or quailty then at Trader Joe’s! These are the staples that we constantly have on hand! The fresh Mozzarella , Manchego, Gruyere, Emmentaler (especially for our fondue) , Chevre Honey Goat Log, Parmesean Reggiano , Comte, Unexpected Cheddar, Gouda, Creamy Toscano. These are the ones that we seriously cannot get enough of ! Crackers- Love their crackers espeically to go with the cheeses! We love to eat this for lunch or if your ever doing charcuterie board! Their crackers are a must. We love the Fig and Olive Crisps and Rasin Rosemary Crisps! The BEST! California Estate Olive Oil- I love this olive oil because it has a fresh peppery taste! I love that its American Grown in California and its a great price! Makeup Wipes- This is a random product that we love! We have tried many different makeup wipes and they are the perfect wetness and perfect size! They really get off the makeup well for a great deal! Wine- We also buy most of the wine that we cook with at Trader Joe’s. Here in Utah the wine is not available. Purchase some if you are out of state, the wine stores forever! When we post something that we really love.. your getting our stamp of approval!!! We will always add to this list whenever we find other must haves, that we cant live without from Trader Joe’s!! XO Liz & Lizi
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