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The Food Nanny Mothers Day Gift Guide

The Food Nanny Mothers Day Gift Guide

Can you believe Mother Day is THIS Sunday? It has completely snuck up on us. We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite things for last minute gift ideas.

Some of these items will keep even the most difficult person happy this week! Or if you are like us, you need some ideas to send your husband. It can be hard thinking of things for yourself, so look no further!

Whatever your price point is, this list is for you. And if Mothers Day comes and goes, treat yourself to a little something. Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding part of what we do. We love cooking, but our family is what makes it all worth it.

Motherhood sometimes get a bad wrap. You get no sleep. Kids are messy and loud. It is far from a glamorous job. You work all day to wake up and repeat the same tasks in the morning. Being a mom us hard, both emotionally and physically. But is there anything more rewarding than teaching and loving children?

Whether you are a loving aunt or friend to children, have young children at home, or have moved on to the grandma phase of life, happy Mothers Day! Aren't we all mothers in many ways? Today is a day to honor those who raised us and those who have helped along the way. It is a wonderful excuse to celebrate women and the wonderful work we are doing!

So stepping off our soap box, here is our very own Mother Day gift guide! All of these items are things we own and love, so we promise you will too.

Items for the kitchen:

Mosser Glass Cake Plate in milk White: We absolutely love this cake plate! It looks adorable on an open shelf, and even better with one of our amazing cakes on it.

Danish Dough Whisk: If you don't have one of these in your kitchen yet, you need it! This is the perfect gift for any moms on your list who enjoy baking. It is inexpensive and so practical! Aimee, this one is for you! (watch our live from Tuesday if you don't know what we are talking about).

Kitchen Aid: You can make all of our recipes completely by hand, but Kitchen Aids are amazing. They make mixing so easy! And we can't get over how beautiful this color is.

TFN Measuring Spoon: You will never worry about trying to find all your different measuring cups again. This little guy is nice and cheap and makes the perfect little gift.

Staub Pots: We cannot get enough of these incredible pots. It is an investment, but you will have it forever! And they make beautiful kitchen art. Here it is in 2.75 quart, 3.75 quart, 5.5 quart. You won't regret this purchase!

Copper Pots: You know we can't get enough of these incredible pots! Something that will be in your family for generations to come. Check it out in either 3 liter or 4 liter. They are such amazing quality for the price!

Threshold Decorative White Bowl from Target: You know how much we love this amazing bowl!

Threshold Decorative White Vase from Target: And we are equally obsessed with it in vase form.

TFN Aprons: These aprons make for the perfect gift! They are adorable, and come out of the wash looking as good as new!Wood Serving/ Cutting Board: We have these in multiple places in our kitchen and can't get enough. They make the most simple food display look gourmet and elegant. Wood boards also make great bread cutting boards. And the more you use it, the more antique and genuine your board will look!

TFN Aprons: These aprons make for the perfect gift! They are adorable, and come out of the wash looking as good as new!

Items outside of the Kitchen

Amaris Pearl Drop Earrings: Food Nanny Jr. wore these the other day, and they are a show stopper! This is an easy way to brighten up even the most simple outfit.

Capri Blue Candle: Have you smelled this amazing candle? We certainly were not the ones to discover it, but we think everyone needs it in their lives!

Leather Backpack: You guys know our love for Madewell. It is definitely our most frequented store for clothes and accessories. When we found this backpack, we just had to have it! It will be perfect for our France trip this summer. And it also comes in a smaller size if that's more your style.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Made By Mary Necklaces: We absolutely love these necklaces! They are well made and look brand new even after wearing a million times. We love how simple they are. You can get one personalized, or just keep it plain. The two necklaces we have are the zola disk necklace and the bar necklace. We love them both!

Now have yourself a Happy Mothers Day! xoxo

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