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Orange Muffin Rolls

Orange Muffin Rolls

These rolls turn out beautiful made in the muffin tins. They basically serve as decor for your dinner. And the good news is they taste just as good as they look! These will become one of your all-time favorite rolls to make for your family.

They are perfect as a side dish to any dinner. Orange muffin rolls go great with soup or a hearty meal. They would also go perfectly with your Easter dinner or brunch. The orange filling gives them a light, delicious flavor.

If you would like, you can freeze the rolls after they are cut. When you want to bake them, thaw frozen rolls for a couple hours on a greased baking sheet covered with plastic that has been sprayed with baking oil.

We love making cinnamon and orange rolls, but sometimes you just want to make something a little different! You want something that looks more like a traditional roll. But sometimes a traditional roll just isn’t what you are looking for! If this is you, then these orange muffin rolls are the thing for you!

Can you tell we love these muffin rolls? They are amazing, and will take your meal to the next level! So add them to your Easter menu, or pair it with a delicious soup. With Spring here, you cannot go wrong. Get cooking, because everyone will love these amazing orange muffin rolls! Especially if you make them with our Kamut. Enjoy!

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