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Orange Rolls

Orange Rolls

When I think of orange rolls, I think of Spring! Maybe it’s because our local bakery starts selling them then, or maybe its just me dreaming about the smell or orange blossoms! Just thinking about these amazing rolls gets me excited for warmer weather and days spent outside in the sun.

If you have made our delicious cinnamon rolls before, you know they can’t be beat. And this recipe is actually super similar. You just have to tweet a couple things, and you have a completely different taste for a different occasion!

This recipe makes 20 large rolls, but we also like to cut them thinner for a “mini roll.” The smaller size is perfect when you just want a little indulgence! The bigger the roll doesn’t always mean better. The best part about these rolls is they are so versatile! They are perfect for brunch, or for a special breakfast. And they even work great as a side! With Easter coming up, this may be the perfect thing to add to your menu. You won’t regret giving these a try. Enjoy!

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