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Copper Products

Copper Products

We love our copper items so much, we want you all to have some too! If you read our TDF Weekly posts, you would have seen all of these items before. But we decided to make things easier on us all and have a post dedicated to just copper! These are all out of Germany, and you will not find better prices for such unique copper pieces. We own and use these items and cannot say enough good things about it. Happy shopping!

  1. Copper Jam pot- 3 liter and thick walled. This one we have shown you a couple times and we can’t get enough of it! It is the perfect size and it is so functional. We find ourselves reaching for this just about everyday. We also love the way it looks.
  2. Copper Jam Pot- 4 liter: This is the first item copper item of theirs we tried, and we still love it! It is the perfect size with thick smooth walls.
  3. 3 piece set: If you are going to buy just one thing today, make it be this! Who doesn’t want a 3 piece copper set? The price of these guys may go up after the summer, so don’t wait!
  4. Next up we have the Copper Saucepan: This is ideal for caramel. It is one of their most popular items and we aren’t surprised one bit.
  5. Copper kimmer with Cast iron handle and Copper Ladle. Both of these items are super practical in the kitchen and make the perfect pair to all the other copper products. We have been using these none stop!
  6. Copper Beating Bowl: Perfect for beating eggs, or anything really.
  7. Finally, its the beautiful Tinned Copper Stock Pot: This is absolutely beautiful! Just looking at it makes us so happy! If you decide to go with this one, remember that tin can be pretty sensitive. So you don’t want to use too high of heat with it. Check out this article for proper use.

Having these copper pieces in our kitchen has truly brought us so much joy! These are items that can be passed on through generations, and yet can still be used everyday. If you are going to treat yourself to one thing in your kitchen right now, let it be this.


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