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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Hello Fannies!

We feel like we had a little bit of a crazy week and have missed you all! Let's start with a little recap of some of the things we have been up to.

What we Have Been Up to:

  • First off, we had the incredible opportunity to speak at an awesome event in California this past weekend. We were able to spend time with family and enjoy some amazing food. By now, you know it is such a privilege to share our love for family, dinnertime, healthy eating, meal planning, and so much more. This was a community event with people from all walks of life. We always leave things like this with a renewed desire to share our messages with the world!
  • End of Summer: We can hardly believe school in back in session for so many of you! The kids tagged along with us to California for one last hurrah before it is back to the grind. Are you someone who loves getting back to the routine with school, or someone who dreads the end of summer?

What we are Loving:

Now for the fun part! We were worried when we first started this new TDF weekly post. It seemed daunting to think of new things each week that we are loving. Turns out, there are constantly new things we want to share with you! If you ever see us using or wearing something you want to know more about, ask away.

  • Small Baguette Pan: Our baguettes are on our menu just about every week and we have been loving this size lately! It makes skinnier baguettes that are perfect for individual sandwiches. You will be seeing lots of these in Lizi’s kids lunches this year! The recipe makes 4 baguettes when using the small pan, so you may want to purchase two.
  • Maple Wood Cutting Board: This is becoming our go to, everyday cutting board. I have been keeping it out layered on my marble board. I have been using it to quickly slice just about everything. It is practical, and yet still looks good in your kitchen. Des helped us pick this one out, so you know its a good!
  • Smeg Toaster: Okay, this toaster is absolutely insane. We just got the cream one at Williams and Sonoma and now understand what all the hype is about. Plus it is on MAJOR sale right now. It is rated #3 in the world and #1 for looks. It’s pretty amazing.

That’s it for this week Fannies! Thanks for tuning in. We have an amazing week ahead, so don’t forget to check us out on instagram. And remember, keep cooking, your family is worth it!

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