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Food Is Not Our Enemy!

Food Is Not Our Enemy!

More than ever, this generation struggles with food. Body shaming is taking place left and right. People are viewed as too skinny, too fat, too muscular, you name it!

My moms message has always been about bringing families together around the dinner table. I believe in this with all of my heart! This family time is so important and special. My new message is going right along side of it. I keep hearing of parents who don't eat what they feed their kids. They meal prep their food and then have their kids fend for themselves. This is not right! Families should be eating together, and enjoying their food together!

We are all about eating a well balanced diet. Make your family delicious and healthy meals, and eat it! Make cookies and bread together, and enjoy those memories.

I have had so many followers reach out to me, and express how needed this message is. Lets give ourselves permission to enjoy life and enjoy food! There is no such thing as good food or bad food. Eat to make you feel good. Enjoy the delicious fruits and vegetables, but enjoy a treat as well!

Let's start showing our bodies the respect they deserve. Do I always love my body? Of course not! No one does. But there's no need to beat ourselves up.

I recently stumbled upon an article in The New York Times titled "Smash the Wellness Industry." If you haven't read it yet, click the link and check it out. I love everything she says! She hits the nail right on the head for me. I need to meet her, because I'm pretty sure we are meant to be best friends! A couple of my favorite parts:

  • "When you have to deprive, punish, and isolate yourself to look 'good' it is impossible to feel good."
  • Women, can two or more of us get together without mentioning our bodies and diets?"

So I want to extend that same mission to each of you: let us stop obsessing about diets and calories and everything we eat. Let's enjoy our lives, and not let food control us. Let's remember that we have so much more to offer the world than just what we look like! You are amazing, don't let the wellness industry make you feel differently.

xoxo, Lizi!

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