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Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt

I love Sandwiches! In honor of Nation Sandwich Day (yesterday) I’m featuring a classic Tuna Melt!!

Sandwiches are tasty and nutritious. They will bring more variety into your meal plan. Isn’t that what a meal plan is? It’s the variety that makes dinnertime fun for the entire family. It keeps us coming back night after night excited to spend time together. If we make a meal plan we can afford to eat the meals we crave. When at the grocery store armed with a grocery list, we don’t buy unneeded food. We buy the food that is on our list so that nothing goes to waste. We don’t buy impulse foods that will never be eaten. That is the beauty of my meal plan. It’s also fun to try new foods. You can do this on a consistent basis when you work a new recipe into your plan. This forces us to get out of our comfort zone and to try and eat healthier. Take good care of yourself first, Mom, so that you can be there for those who need you. It is our responsibility as the “nurturer” in the home to present good wholesome food to our families on a daily basis. Tonight is FMB (Fish, Meatless, Breakfast). Sandwiches fit into this night GREAT!!! In my new book THE FOOD NANNY RESCUES DINNER AGAIN.. I even added a sandwich section! XOXOXOXO

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