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Brilliant Oven BBQ Chicken

Brilliant Oven BBQ Chicken

This BBQ Chicken has the perfect amount of “kick” that will please the entire family.

I get really hungry for my amazing BBQ Chicken during the winter months. This has been my “go-to” recipe when it’s just too cold to stand outside and cook on the BBQ. It could be my very favorite, ever!! My BBQ Chicken could become your Super Bowl Tradition! It’s become one of our Monday Night traditions as well. This chicken comes out very tender and full of flavor. The sauce is a tangy traditional BBQ flavor with just the right amount of “kick” to it. Mmmm…not to mention the delicious smells that will take over your kitchen and home. Happy Winter!…and Happy (Indoor) BBQ-ing. Everyone loves it when I serve this chicken with mashed potatoes topped with melted cheddar cheese and a green salad. Corn bread would be a great addition as well!

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