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Strawberry Butter

Strawberry Butter

Did you know how easy it is to make Strawberry butter?

We shared our Artisan Beer Bread a few months ago on the blog. It is one of the best breads you will ever taste!

Just ask the few thousands of people that visited us at our Swiss Days Booth.

We had a table set out with our bread and this Strawberry Butter for people to sample!

Saying it was a “hit” is an understatement…people were buying my cookbooks just to have these 2 recipes!

We make it for special events, parties, and basically anytime we are asked to bring food…and I’m telling you…people go crazy for this bread and butter combo!!!! Try it!!!!!!

This recipe is found in my 2nd cookbook: THE FOOD NANNY RESCUES DINNER AGAIN XO…and I have my Raspberry butter recipe featured in there as well. (and no, you don’t just swap out the strawberry for raspberry) !!

This bread and butter is worth all the effort. 


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