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Navajo Tacos

Navajo Tacos are an easy buffet style meal that everyone will enjoy!

Indian Fry bread is popular in the West where we live. It originally came from the Navajo Indians, so when it is topped with additions such as beans, ground beef, and cheese, it is known as a Navajo Taco. These are easy to make with frozen bread dough, or of course you can make your own dough using my White Bread recipe, found in my cookbook p. 228. You can use canned chili for a really fast meal prep. If you have leftovers from my delicious Three-Bean Chili with Sausage (p. 49 in my cookbook)…use this to make it an extra delicious meal! (The picture shows our Three-bean chili with sausage).

We like to schedule Navajo Tacos into our Fall-Time Meal Planning rotation! These are warm and comforting…easy and delicious…They will become one of your family’s favorites. If you have never tried a Navajo Taco, you’ve got to make this soon..!!! If you have tried a Navajo Taco…try our version. Promise it will be the best one you’ve ever had. I know we say this a lot…but it’s the truth! Trust us. ~xo