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Little Italy Pizza

Little Italy Pizza

There is something so special about Friday night pizza night! The whole family looks forward to it, and it sets the weekend off on such a good note.

Some weeks, we choose to eat out at our favorite pizza places. But we love making it at home. It is inexpensive and so easy!

One of our very favorite pizza recipes is our Little Italy pizza. It is so light and refreshing with all the fresh vegetables. We then love topping it with some sausage for an explosion of flavor. You can obviously leave this out if you are looking for a vegetarian pizza, but we love the addition.

For our dough, you can use our Basic pizza dough or our Tuscan sun pizza dough. Flavor wise, you cannot go wrong with the tuscan sun option. It is the best crust, especially when you make it with Kamut. But our basic dough takes only a couple minutes and is honestly delicious!

Yes, the Tuscan Sun pizza dough does call for beer, but you can leave that out if you would like. It gives the crust an amazing crispiness. Plus, the pizza cooks at 500 degrees so the beer cooks out! But water is a great substitute if you would rather.

If you happen to have some leftovers after pizza night, don’t worry! We have the perfect ti[s for reheating pizza.

Place the pizza slices in a pan on top of the stove over low heat. Cover with a lid so the pizza will steam warm and crispy. This takes about 5 minutes and tastes fabulous!

It really does work, and you will never throw away pizza again. This will save you from soggy old pizza! And guess what? You can even freeze leftover slices and thaw then re-heat as directed. More pizza to be enjoyed by all!

Try our little Italy pizza this Friday night. We promise you will not be disappointed!

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