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All-American Apple Pie

All-American Apple Pie

The first time I tasted this pie from my friend Sherrie, I knew it was a keeper. It is so delicious and exactly what a pie should be.

Make your own pie pastry from this recipe, or save time with a packaged refrigerated pie crust. It won’t be as good, but it will save you time. Plus, a semi-homemade pie is better than not homemade at all!

We know that many people are intimidated with making pie crust, but it really is as easy as pie! It really does go together quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t roll out quite right, so don’t hesitate to re roll and try again! We find ourselves doing that from time to time.

When you use your own homemade crust, it makes eating and sharing the pie all that much more enjoyable! So give this delicious pie a try!

For a little bit of a variation, add 1/4 cup raisins to the filling. If you are a fn of raisins, you will love this add on!

And for even more fun, make our jelly roll ups with any left over crust you may have! Kids LOVE these more than the actual pie. Enjoy!

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