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Liz and Lizi all started with Liz AKA The Original Food Nanny. Liz wanted to help families get back to the dinner table with regular family meal time! It seemed this tradition was quietly slipping away from most households! Liz had been living a meal plan then over 25 years that she came up with herself and it had kept her family communicating, happy and healthy! The conversation  at  dinner is even more important than the food Liz discovered! Liz wrote a book “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner “ and the rest is history! Liz had a show on BYU tv for 4 seasons. It was a great platform to help get her message out!

Lizi picked up the Food Nanny 3 years ago where Liz left off and the brand took off like a rocket! Lizi with her passion for the Food Nanny’s Mission began helping her friends and peers with the desire to cook!! So many women believe they can’t eat carbs such as breads and pasta and still maintain weight control! Lizi has re affirmed to her audience  that eating and enjoying the foods we love and crave eaten with portion control along with plenty of vegetables and fruits in season can maintain a healthy lifestyle!
The Food Nanny is a lifestyle! It’s living life to its fullest with food, family and friends !! It’s the true life is what we liked to call it! Gathering together at the end of the day for a meaningful meal. Not gourmet, just good delicious food! We have over 600 recipes to help caretakers make that happen! Delicious food that the whole family will love! Home baked breads that make life meaningful! Our Ancient Grain Kamut and French Salt Fleur de Sel are an example of the kind of lifestyle we promote! Finest products in the world to upgrade your health and  lifestyle!
Liz and Lizi are dedicated to helping their followers become more aware of what’s most important in life and that’s the health and well being of our families!