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Christmas is almost here.....

Christmas is almost here.....

My inspiring books are a perfect gift for almost everyone on your Christmas list! CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!! Give the gift that will resuce dinner for those you love! XOXOXOX

In my two books, I have over 400 excellent recipes to choose from. My food is not gourmet food, just good, hot, healthy food.... served with plenty of vegetables and eaten with portion control. I have included my famous "Nanny Plan" and "Shopping List" to make preparation less stressful and easier for you. The hardest part about dinner is trying to decide what to cook.

in the oven

Waiting until 4 p.m. to decide what to cook is too late. That is where my "Theme Nights" will help. Even if you are cooking for yourself, you deserve a meaningful dinnertime. In my 2 books I have tried to motivate those who don't want to cook anymore, and teach those of you who don't know how to cook, that cooking is essential in creating a strong family. World wide, I have observed that dinnertime is the most natural setting for your family to sort out and talk over their day. To look each other in the eye. To learn the art of conversation. You cook for who is home. Cook and they will come home! I know that applying my meal plan can work for your family as it did for mine for the past 30 plus years. XOXOXO The Food Nanny

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