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Meal Plan for January 25-31

Meal Plan for January 25-31
This is an easy meal plan you can use for any week! This is what we are cooking up! Nanny Plan1 If you know nothing else about us at the Food Nanny, the one thing you should know is everything has always been based around Meal Planning and Theme Nights. What does Meal Planning do for you?? ALOT!!! Meal Planning simplifies your life! It saves you money! It makes it so dinner gets on the table CONSISTENTLY. We promise if you try it for a month, you will become a believer. The above menu is just for 1 week, but we typically plan for 2 weeks in advance. We LOVE it!!! It keeps us out of the store and saves us money. Plus, we go with a list and we aren't buying all the extras that sometimes add up. And it keeps our sanity;)! Who wants to run back to the store everyday or every other? Who has time?! If you plan 2 weeks, generally all you have to pop in the store for may be some fresh veggies and milk. Simple. Theme nights. Theme nights are the BEST!!!!!! Ok, so you say you want to start meal planning, great! Now what?? Theme nights take ALL the guess work out of the question, "what should I make for dinner?" If you use our theme nights, you already know! Monday is Comfort Food, Tuesday is Italian, Wednesday is Fish, Meatless, or Breakfast, Thursday is Mexican, Friday is Pizza night, Saturday is Grill, and Sunday is Tradition. These are the themes that we grew up with and have loved, but if there is something your family enjoys more......switch it up! The great thing is you can always add new recipes you want to try into any theme night! Your family will get to know your "schedule" and they'll look forward to their favorite night! In this particular week we didn't show that you can take 2 nights off, which we highly suggest doing!! No one wants to cook EVERY night of the week! We usually like our Saturdays off......and whatever day just ends up too crazy......but don't burn yourself out! There are too many fun restaurants and eateries that we all enjoy and crave, so allow yourself to take a couple days off! If you want to learn more.....its ALL in the Food Nanny Rescues Dinner books 1 and 2!!! They teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about meal planning, theme nights, portion control, how to do your weekly shopping, and so much more!! XO
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