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Time for HER Food Nanny Event

Time for HER Food Nanny Event

On Tuesday, we had the incredible opportunity to speak at the Time for HER event in Midway! It was a night we won't soon forget.

Megan (@timeforherclasses) contacted us about speaking at a small event a few months back. After we got talking, we decided to make this big! Megan put on a truly remarkable event. We are so grateful to have been apart of it! We love her message about providing women with nights away to socialize and rejuvinated. This is so important to help us be our best self!

And we can't talk about this event without discussing the outrageously beautiful venue! River Bottoms Ranch is absolutely incredible. It showcases the best views Midway has to offer. Janica showed us all around, and we never wanted to leave. Every detail is perfection!

We are completely in love with our community. This event seemed to magnify that for us. The venders and sponsors showcase some of the best companies around. If you are local, make sure and check each of these places out!

  • Mrs. Calls
  • River Bottom Ranch
  • Heddle & Lamm
  • Dottie's Kolache Co. (We are still dreaming about our diet coke with pineapple and coconut!)
  • Pop Zero
  • Fernwen
  • Paper & Felt
  • Urban Blush Events (Can't get over the amazing sign she made!)
  • Utah Yoga & Wellness
  • Suss Cookie Company
  • Lola's Kitchen & Catering

When Megan first released tickets for the event, 150 were sold in just hours! Talk about a humbling experience! We were thrilled to speak to and meet so many of you.

How amazing is it that we get to do this as a team? How many moms and daughters get to work together everyday doing what they love? We feel so blessed!

To start, Lizi (Food Nanny Jr.) talked about how grateful she is to have such an amazing example in a mom. And talk about a blessing to get to follow in her footsteps! I love sharing her message, but also love sharing my own.

I talked more about portion control, and about the major struggle our generation has with food. Its so important to remember that we need to treat our gut with respect! It is as important to how our body functions as the brain. Turns out, we really are what we eat. Our body needs good food to function. This is part of the reason we love Kamut so much.

Next, Liz (Food Nanny Sr.) spoke about Meal Planning and how it will literally change your life! On average, American's are eating out 5 times a week! 5 Times people! Think of how much money you can save just by skipping 2 of those meals and eating at home. Meal planning is the only way to consistently get a healthy and delicious meal on the table night in and night out. If we aren't making meal time a priority for our family, no one else will. Us as women still own dinner time!

Thank you for letting us share our passion with you! Family dinner time truly is something that changes lives. We feel so blessed for each of you! And oh how we love our community! Its nights like this that bring us all together and remind us how much the world really has to offer.

And can you believe all these amazing photos? Annie (heyanniemay) is so talented!


In Case You Missed It.... April 22nd-April 28th

In Case You Missed It.... April 22nd-April 28th

We had another great week around here! When you focus your life around family and what really matters, it is hard to not find the good in your life.

Tuesdays Live

To start off the week, we had another fun live on Tuesday. We have been asked over and over again for easy dinner ideas to bring to people. So we decided to show you our Italian Peasant Soup. It is delicious and easy to make a big batch of! Pair it with our Kamut bread, and you have the perfect meal! We love to bring this to people after they have a baby!

Thursdays Live

We didn't get to talk enough about Kamut on Tuesday, so we decided to do an entire live on our Whole Wheat Kamut bread!

We don't use the Kamut berries for everything, but it makes unbelievable bread. It is organic and chalk full of protein and vitamins. It is the best wheat we have ever tried! And there is something about grinding your own wheat that makes you feel like a real cook.

If you were able to join the live, we showed you how to work a wheat grinder. It makes such fresh flour. We love feeding our families the best, healthiest bread around.

Many of you have been asking about the difference between the berries and our white Kamut that we use everyday. We do NOT like the berries in everything. It is a dense wheat that just doesn't work in sweets for us. But in bread, it is unreal!

The white wheat has completely replaced all purpose flour for us. We definitely use the white Kamut more, but we love them both for different things.

Have we mentioned how much we love the Danish dough hook? We mix everything with it, and it has honestly changed our life! We very rarely use our Kitchen Aid or Bosch now. Its one less thing to clean, and it is easier to get the perfect consistency of the bread.


This week was made extra special with our trip to Florida! Ginger brought us out for an amazing event she put together. It was such a pleasure! She made our day by being a huge fan. We just love her!

We had a little bit of downtime before the event, so of course we made our way to the beach! It just brings us life! We had the most incredible meal at Sand on the Beach. Its a meal we will be dreaming about for months! The fish was so fresh, and the combination of the ingredients was out of this world. We loved the meal so much we went back for round two!

Ginger made so many of our recipes, and they were insane! People drove hours to come! We are just so thankful and love our Florida Fannies.

Weekly Finds

This week for our "weekly finds" we have these amazing items from Target.

Can there be anything more French? These dishes look and feel expensive, we can't believe they are from Target! The bowl is perfect for serving, mixing, anything! And we keep picturing flowers or lavender coming out of the vase. You can't go wrong with either!

Food Nanny Event

Food Nanny Event


TV personality and Food Bloggers Liz and Lizi (The Food Nannies) will be coming to Florida to give a presentation on the following topics: Meal Planning/ Budgeting Importance of family meal time How to use the ancient grain Kamut and their French salt in your cooking to elevate it to the next level. Food demonstrations of their bread and homemade Pizza dough! Seating is limited! Refreshments will be served. Raffle drawing for prizes! Food Nanny Event Tickets

Date And Time

Sat, April 27, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT


1065 Emerson Drive Northeast Palm Bay, FL 32907

Holiday Tea Party

Holiday Tea Party

We so loved our little Christmas Herbal Tea Party at Deses house. She is such a wonderful hostess. We enjoyed seeing her home decorated for Christmas. It’s fun to see how different people decorate for Christmas. However, you choose to decorate it doesn’t matter. Do it the way your heart leads you. Remember these are the holidays where we create memories with traditions that are meaningful to us individually. Choose a few traditions that you love and stick with them if possible.

It will bond your family and keep you close. We are celebrating the birth of our Savior. With or without all the decorating and gifts what we are striving for is a feeling of thankfulness and gratefulness towards each other and to our Savior. We want to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

We felt so honored as Desire played her Cello. She chose to play “Ave Maria.” It was sooooo beautiful. Perfect. Perfect to start this season off!!

We drank Tazo refresh-mint tea which is a herbal infusion of peppermint and spearmint dressed up with a pinch of tarragon. No wonder we love it so much. Tarragon is one of our favorite herbs ever!! You can buy this Tea at most any grocery store.

Desire showed us one of their traditions at the holidays. Dunking double stuffed Oreo cookies into Chocolate! We used GYGI Guittard Milk and White Chocolate A Peels. In stock always.

We also baked our Zucchini Bread, Book 1, Coconut Tea Bread, Book 1, and our Blueberry Lemon Scones, Book 2.

The party was such a success and just what we all needed. Just an hour of relaxing, sharing sweets, and good conversation.


Liz and Lizi