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Our Week at a Glance

It has been another great week around these parts! We decided to switch things up with our Monday posts, starting today! It will still be a recap of the week, but so much more! We get asked all the time for things we are loving, so this is going to be our place for it! We can't wait, and hope you are excited too!


We started off this week with a live on Tuesday, showing you how to make green beans, asparagus, and snap peas on the Traeger. Turns out we have been saying "Staub" wrong all these years! We talked more about our views on clean eating and portion control. Catch the live here if you happened to miss it!

Next, we showed you how to make our ridiculously good hamburger buns on Friday. Put down the bag of buns at the store and make these! It is easy to make a ton, and they honestly taste so much better. Make them along side us here!

Food Nanny Finds and Faves

Anthopologie Dishcloth Set We love everything about these dishcloths. They are the perfect texture, don't stink, and come in the cutest designs. Every home needs these!

Chocolate Chips Cookies: Did you guys know it was National Chocolate Chip Day this last week? You know how much we love our cookies. Make sure to try our Ice cream cookie sandwiches this summer!

Mac Studio Watertight SPF Foundation: We have been asking what foundation we wear, and this is it! We love that is has SPF in it and still provides good coverage.

Anthropologie Old Haven Mugs: We love everything from this line! The color is to die for, and the design is so fun.

Diet Coke: We couldn't do our first favorites post without including this! What do you think keeps us going? It's our guilty pleasure.

Traeger: This is a new love for us, but we are so excited about this! We had a barbecue with out family this weekend, and the food was amazing. Everything you make in the oven can be made in the Traeger. The smoke adds such amazing flavor!

Meal Plan

Monday: Food Nanny Chicken Soup with Dumplings

Tuesday: American Lasagna

Wednesday: Red Lentil Coconut Soup

Thursday: Taco Salad

Friday: Pizza with Mushrooms

Saturday: Farmhouse Grilled Porterhouse with Arugula

Sunday: Brilliant Oven BBQ Chicken

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