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In Case You Missed It.... March 18th-March 25th

In Case You Missed It.... March 18th-March 25th

We have had another great week over here. Cooking and taking care of our families sure keeps us busy! If you have been following along on instagram, we have been showing little glimpses of Food Nanny Sr. amazing travels! This week she has shown us around India, and we can't wait to share all the details with you.

On Monday, I gave you a little glimpse into my friend Darcy's amazing kitchen! I have gotten so many questions about kitchen and pantry organization, and she is truly the master! Here's a few clips in case you missed it!

One of our favorite parts of the week is getting on Live and talking to our fannies! If there's something you really want to see us make, make sure and let us know. We are here for you and want to see you cooking in your kitchen! On Tuesday, I showed you a couple of my very favorite salads. Man they are delicious. Eating healthy really doesn't have to be boring or gross. When it comes to makes yummy salads, make sure you have a good salad spinner! It makes your lettuce so much better without all the moisture. I LOVE the Wedge Salad because it works with everything. You can serve it as a side, or make it a meal all on its own. It is so easy and ours really is the best you will ever eat.

I also showed you the Strawberry Days Salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about this one! I became addicted to this while making lunches for friends in Denver. It is a crowd pleasure and sure to impress. It's simple, but different than the boring salad you are used to. Give it a try, we promise you will like it!

If you want to prepare your salads beforehand, cut everything up and add it to your bowl. Keep your dressing separate. Cover your salad with a damp paper towel and refrigerate it till ready to serve. Then add your dressing and you are good to go!

On Friday, Des joined us for such a special live. She is an absolute design genius! Every time we are together, I just try and soak up her wisdom. We were all ready for Spring, so it was a day all about lemon! I showed you our delicious lemon bars. I mixed these up by hand using our favorite Danish Dough Whisk. If you don't have one yet, run (or click on the link) and get one! Such a game changer. Make sure to watch your oven with these, mine cooked so fast! Des also showed us her Lemon Mouse. TDF! Don't worry, the recipe is coming soon! She served the mouse with lavender cookies, and I felt so fancy!

Des really is so talented. She has inspired everything in our homes and changed the way we look at decor. It's all about finding your own style and what brings you happiness. Des always says to embrace the imperfections in things. Homes are meant to be lived in and things are meant to be used! I couldn't love this more with a house full of little kids!

When you are looking for new pieces in your home, do not get overwhelmed. Take it one item at a time. Des taught us that you can mix inexpensive with expensive, old with new. Find what speaks to you! And take it layer by layer so it's not as much at once. Stick with historical concepts, design from your heart, and you will never get sick of your home! We learn so much from Des and love every time we get to show her off.

Don't miss out on the exciting week we have ahead on TheFoodNanny! If you want to cook along side us, here is our menu. Keep cooking, your family is worth it!

Monday: Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Corn

Tuesday: Chicken Piccata with Capers

Wednesday: German Pancakes with Strawberries

Thursday: Beef Enchilada Supper

Friday: Arugula Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes

Saturday: Grilled Hamburgers

Sunday: Crunchy Fried Chicken with Gravy

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