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FN Klen Cloth, Grey (3-Pack)

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Klen Cloth 3-Pack

  • Cloths are Organic Cellulose and Cotton.  These are compostable/biodegradable.
  • Klen is pronounced Klen, not clean
  • Paper label is made of recycled paper so slight variations occur
  • Wash throughout the day with cold water
  • Air dry only.  Rapid dry makes them antibacterial
  • Sanitize in dishwasher, wash in laundry, or boil 1 minute.  These cloths can be heated to 190 degrees.
  • Invented in the 1940's in Sweden and is a kitchen staple in Sweden.
  • One side is smooth, one side is textured.
  • Can be used over 100 times
  • Replaces 17 paper towel rolls per cloth
  • Wipe down any surface
  • Highly absorbent and can absorb 15X its weight


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