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The Queen of Chocolate Cupcakes

The Queen of Chocolate Cupcakes


These cupcakes I promise you could be put up against any I know! They are so moist.. when you take a bite it literally melts in your mouth. I have had many fans tell me they are obsessed with these. One of my fans said, “she had them at a party and everyone thought I had bought them from a special bakery!” NOT the normal homemade cupcakes! The frosting is perfection!! It’s the best Butter Cream you have ever had! Can you tell how much I love these??!!!

It’s almost Halloween!! Here is a fun idea for Halloween cupcakes to make with your little ones in the kitchen. This was very simple and pretty inexpensive! Make the cupcakes as normal and use the same butter cream frosting. I found everything to decorate them at my local Wal Mart in the specialty cake section! I even found a brown frosting dye too, it worked perfectly! The legs are just the twizzler pull apart licorice. Once you have them frosted, dunk the top of the cupcake in a bowl that you have your brown sprinkles in. It coats them very nicely. So easy and the kids were freaking out! They thought it was too much fun!! Enjoy!! XOXO

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