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Summer Veggies, Italian Sausage, and Pasta

Summer Veggies, Italian Sausage, and Pasta

This is one of our very favorite dishes to make on Italian night in summer time. It is so light and delicious! It is also pretty amazing that this is a one pot meal that won’t heat up your entire kitchen!

Our favorite thing to serve our summer veggies, sausage, and pasta with is bruschetta with roasted garlic. Its the perfect meal!

One of the best things about this dish is you can switch it up in a thousand ways and make it your own. Feel free to use hamburger instead of sausage. For the fresh veggies, use what you have on hand or what you have growing in your garden.

Don’t be afraid of the Swiss Chard! It adds such delicious flavor! But you can use spinach instead.

This dish is more veggies than pasta, making it fresh and light! The flavors come together to make a wonderful meal. Once your pasta and veggies are cooked, top with Parmesan cheese, finishing salt, and pepper. So delectable!

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