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Spiderweb Sugar Cookies

Spiderweb Sugar Cookies

Our famous sugar cookies can easily be turned into festive Halloween Spiderweb cookies!

I use this Sugar Cookie most of the time. (Every holiday, basically.) My family loves eating them too much…and I love baking them. They are not too difficult or time consuming. Grandma Edmunds gave us this recipe over 30 years ago. She made these cookies for her family often. My husband always asks for them starting in October for Halloween…and again at Christmastime, and then Valentine’s Day. Basically, any season that calls for decorating sugar cookies! I know how much he misses his mom when he recalls her in the kitchen making these cookies. We have never found a sugar cookie that we like better than this one. We love the hint of lemon in the cookie dough…and we GUARANTEE you are going to love them, too!

The simple technique of dragging a toothpick through chocolate on a white-frosted surface is fast, easy, and fun! The kids are so excited when they realize that they can do it themselves! Get in the kitchen with your loved ones and start your own Halloween Sugar Cookie TRADITION this year!!! It’s the simple things that we remember most.~ xo

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