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Lemon Cookies with homemade Raspberry Sauce

Lemon Cookies with homemade Raspberry Sauce

Have you ever had a delicious gooey pazookie? We absolutely love them! Its hard to beat the texture and flavor. We love them so much we decided to create a new version so we can enjoy one more often!

Emaly ( one of the sisters) came up with this incredible cookie! It is tart, sweet, and oh so delicious! The lemon flavor is so refreshing and light.

The key to these, and other skillet cookies, is to not over bake! You want it to be a little gooey in the center. This makes them!

Once the cookies come out of the oven, top with this incredible raspberry sauce. You will DIE when you try this! I’m not even kidding Its incredible.

Finally, top with some yummy vanilla ice cream. This will be a dessert you want to make all summer long!


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