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FN BBQ in cup

FN BBQ in cup

When I spoke in Kentucky it was a wonderful treat from Dena and the gang to take me to Churchill Downs Racetrack to see a horse race. It had been on my bucket list for years!! It did not matter to me that it was not the Derby, it was just as exciting. To be up close and personal with those stunning horses was such a dream. We sat very close to the track in our own little box. It was the perfect day. Sweater weather. There were 3 or 4 races that day at different times.

During one of the intermissions we went outside where the food trucks park. We chose the CUP OF Q truck. All the women I was with said it was their favorite! The line was the longest there, so I knew it would be wonderful. And it was!!! Delicious. I knew then and there I would be copying that idea. The cup was warm when I held it. The meat and beans were the perfect temperature. Scooping up some of the entire mixture with my fork, going deep into the cup to make sure to get some cornbread was instant heaven for me.

We took the cup back to our seats and finished eating it while watching another race with some potato chips and a diet coke. The only thing I was wishing at that moment in time is that I had ordered the large!!!!!!

We hope you will have fun creating this FN CUP OF BBQ for your next Family gathering or the Super Bowl.

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