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Flapjacks with Oats and Whole Wheat

Flapjacks with Oats and Whole Wheat

With school being back in session for many of us, this recipe is a must save! I love making this for breakfast on busy days! My kids stay full for hours!

It is not only filling, but also incredibly healthy. Its the perfect way to help your kids have the extra energy they need.

These pancakes have a great texture to them. They are hearty and delicious!

We love grinding our whole wheat Kamut berries for this recipe. It makes them irresistible!

One of my favorite things about these pancakes is that you can make the mix ahead and store for weeks! Makes sure and store in an airtight container. Talk about a quick breakfast!

Serve with Real maple syrup, bacon or sausage, and eggs. The whole family will be happy!



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