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Easy Mexican Dip

Easy Mexican Dip

Ok, so everyone has tried some kind of Mexican Dip…or 7-Layer dip…we’ve tried them all, too..!!! This is the world’s fastest and easiest version, we think. We just keep the three main ingredients in the house at all times. You never know when you might have an unexpected hungry guest pop in. You might be invited over to a friend’s house for dinner, Book Club, or Church activity…and you need to think of something fast. This dip is such an easy appetizer to put together! It’s a tempting savory treat that adds to any meal. haha. You’ll think it’s too easy and almost be embarrassed at the thought of how little effort went into making this…but guess what, IT’S ALWAYS THE FIRST THING EATEN…GONE…!! It has never failed us. Try it.. You’ll get what we mean!

You’ll need Cream cheese, Chili with no beans, and cheddar cheese. That’s the recipe. You can top it with chopped tomatoes and green onions (if you like).

Watch it disappear quickly. Enjoy.

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