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Crepes for Dinner

Crepes for Dinner

Tonight is FMB try SAVORY Crepes!!!

Today is Wednesday my FMB (Fish, Meatless, Breakfast) Night. I learned from a nutritionist many years ago about the importance of fish in our diet. At least one night a week, preferably two. While raising kids, however, eating good fish often can get expensive. My need to keep the budget down and the variety up led me to combining these two concepts into one. Fish/Meatless. With a theme like Fish & Meatless, Wednesday also became a great night for the breakfast foods that we all love so much. Breakfast at night sometimes tastes even better!!!! These savory crepes we have been making for years! Kids love to top them with Nutella, Fruit, Powdered Sugar, Butter and Syrup! Make sure to get out your large griddle if you have one. It makes the process go a lot quicker. You know what your making for dinner tonight NOW!!!!! It’s going to be a GREAT DAY!!!

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