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Coconut Kamut Cake

Coconut Kamut Cake

This cake we have been keeping a secret for YEARS…

We have been making this cake whenever we needed a show stopping dessert!!! This cake is seriously on our top 5 favorites!! It’s so most and delicious. If your a coconut lover you will especially appreciate it! The cake is topped with toasted coconut…..yum!! I’m telling you right now.. you will be SOOOOO thankful you have the food nanny in your life!

You can make this dessert all year round, but we especially love it in the Spring. It is light and heavenly!!! I love this cake so much, we served it at my wedding!

You can freeze individual pieces of this cake in freezer bags for up to 2 months. So even if you are just making it for your family, you won’t be wasting what you don’t eat that day. This is seriously one of my favorite cakes in the whole world!


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