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Biscuits & Sausage Country Gravy

Biscuits & Sausage Country Gravy

My mouth waters a bit when I think of these hot homemade biscuits coming out of the oven…

Happy Thursday to all of our readers out there!! Are you not loving the cooler weather???!!!

Fall is literally right around the corner, I can’t even believe it!!

These cooler nights are making me crave some major comfort food and how do you get more comfort food than Biscuits and Gravy??!!

This truthfully will be one of the easiest and fastest recipes you will ever make! I have heard from a lot of my readers, that your afraid of making any types of bread.

Well you shouldn’t be.. I promise my recipes are bulletproof!! These homemade biscuits are so easy and honestly can’t be ruined.

Your family will be so impressed when they see these coming out of the oven.

These biscuits could be made as your side for a lot of my others recipes as well, put some butter and honey and yummy!!!

You need to give this recipe a try!!!


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