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BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tomorrow is pizza night…. try out my mom’s BBQ Chicken for a change!

I hope we have converted most of you to FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA NIGHT!!!! I loved growing up in a house that ever Friday we celebrated the end of a week with MOM’S famous pizza!!! EVERYONE was welcome. It was amazing how fast she could whip up 10 large pizzas to feed a football team! My dream has always been to have a pizza oven in my home!! This year we were able to build a new home and were lucky enough to get one!!! THE FOOD NANNY NEVER DID so it’s ok if you don’t have a pizza oven!! A regular oven works great!!! If you’re sick of just making pepperoni for the family.. try the BBQ CHICKEN! My family loves it!!!!

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