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TDF Weekly- Makeup Edition

TDF Weekly- Makeup Edition

As of Monday, Food Nanny Sr. is off! She and Mr. Food Nanny are serving as missionaries in Belgium for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They will be gone for the next 18 months and we are going to miss her like crazy! Don't worry, she will still be popping in from time to time over on instagram. And in the meantime, the show will still go on! The Food Nanny has some exciting things planned for the next few weeks that you are not going to want to miss.

Since this has been a world wind of a week, I decided to switch things up from our normal TDF Weekly post. Let me first say that I am definitely not a makeup expert! But I get asked all the time what makeup I am wearing so I decided it was time for a special makeup post. Here is a breakdown of my day to day makeup look:


  • First off, we have Mac Strobe Cream hydrator: Right after applying my moisturizer, I use in pinklite. It gives the perfect shine. Applying this first makes such a difference when you move on to the rest of your makeup.
  • Up next is foundation! For me, I look for a full coverage finish but with a glow. I have been using the Mac studio watertight SPF 30 foundation for years and love it. But lately, I have been feeling like I want a little more coverage. I discussed this with an artist at Mac one day, and she recommended I continue using this, and add the Mac studio face and body foundation. You would not believe the difference this has made! I apply them both with the Mac 196 brush. The two together make the perfect color and finish. I have linked the colors I use, but make sure and get the right color for your skin tone.
  • Highlighter: Honestly, this is something I cannot live without! I use the Mac Mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. I apply it above my cheeks, nose, and above my upper lip. It leaves my skin glowing in all the right places.
  • Bronzer: For years, I have been using the Mac Golden bronzing powder. I have never felt the need to try anything else because this one is the perfect shade.
  • Next up, is blush! My favorite is the Mac mineralized blushes. The two colors I use right now are warm soul and sweet enough. Warm soul is a mid tone beige with gold pearl. Then sweet enough is a light mauve pink. They are both subtle and simple colors that add just the right amount of color.


  • Brows: If you are going to take one piece of advice from this post, let it be this. Brows make the world of difference! Have a professional shape them for you. This makes it so much easier to then apply makeup. I use Mac coquette eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I have tried many other things and keep coming back to this. This shade looks good on everyone, regardless of hair or skin color. Its like magic!
  • Eyeliner: Shocking, I know, but I love Macs eyeliner in graphblack. If you feel like I have an addiction to Mac products, I think you may be right!
  • Mascara: If I'm being honest, this is one area where I am not totally set on. I am currently using Loreal Voluminous mascara in black and its good! It is affordable and gets the job done. But I do not feel like its the best of the best. If you have a mascara you can't get enough of, share it with me!

Final Touches:

  • Lips: Lastly, we have shared this many times because we think its just that great! They stay in place, they are beautiful colors, and they are so affordable. Our favorite colors are : infinite raspberry, unlimited mulberry, and boundless nude. You really do need these!
  • Setting spray: Once everything else has been applied, I spray Mac prep and prime fix over my whole face. This helps set all the product, leaving you looking fresh all day long!

And that's a wrap! If you have any questions at all, let me know. I am not an expert, but this is what works for me!

Finally, keep cooking, your family is worth it!


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