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TDF weekly

TDF weekly

Welcome to our latest edition of TDF Weekly. We had a wonderful week celebrating the 4th of July with our family and hope you did too!

Our All American 4th of July spread!


  • Moving! Food Nanny Jr. is getting ready to move in to Food Nanny Sr. amazing home! We are so excited about this, but moving can be so exhausting. To help, I have been decluttering like crazy. I have cleaned out closets, drawers, you name it! This way, my life will be so much easier come end of this month. If you don't want it now, you want want it in your new home!
  • Mission Call: In case you missed it, Food Nanny Sr. and Mr. Food Nanny are heading on another mission! They will be heading to Brussels, Belgium September 15th! This is why Lizi is moving in.
  • France trip! You know the trip we have been talking about all year? It is finally just around the corner and we could not be more excited. Our adventure starts next week!


  • Family time: With our long holiday weekend, we had so much time together! Kids are none stop and summer can be exhausting. But when we take time to slow down and just enjoy time together, there is nothing better.
  • Copper! You know our love for copper runs deep. We have been loving our jam pots, and just got several more incredible items. These are amazing, especially for the price. It is something you will have for generations!
  1. Copper Jam pot- 3 liter and thick walled. This one we have shown you a couple times and can't get enough of it!
  2. 3 piece set: If you are going to buy just one thing today, make it be this! Who doesn't want a 3 piece copper set? The price of these guys may go up after the summer, so don't wait!
  3. Copper Saucepan: This is ideal for caramel. It is one of their most popular items and we aren't surprised one bit.
  4. Copper kimmer with Cast iron handle and Copper Ladle. Both of these items are super practical in the kitchen and make the perfect pair to all other copper products.
  5. Copper Beating Bowl: perfect for beating eggs, or anything really.
  6. Tinned Copper Stock Pot: This is absolutely beautiful! Just looking at it makes us so happy! If you decide to go with this one, remember that tin can be pretty sensitive. So you don't want to use too high of a temperature with it. Check out this article for proper use.

Can you tell we love copper? It has become one of our favorite things, and we hope you add some to your kitchen. We want you to feel the same joy it has brought us! It really is kitchen art and we can't get enough.

Have a wonderful week Fannies! xoxo

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