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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

Hello Fannies! What a week it has been! Food Nanny Sr. joined our live last Tuesday! It was so fun seeing her and hearing a little bit about what she is doing. And here at home, it has been an unbelievable week. Here are some of our favorite things from this last week:

What I Did:

  • Pinner Conference: This last weekend was one I will never forget. It was incredible! To start off, I was asked to come early to go Live with KSL. It was such a blast! And I even met lots of you who learned about us from TV. One of my favorite things about doing what I do is getting to meet you guys. It makes all the hard work worth it! And it was the highlight of Pinners for me. You guys showed up, and that means the world! I even had the privilege of teaching, and we had more than 300 of you there. Thank you for making this such a special experience for me.

What I Wore:

  • Jcrew Park Blazer in Wool Flannel: Back in the day I wore blazers all the time! I kind of grew out of them, but now I'm back in. The new style of this blazer is amazing! It dresses up any outfit and makes getting ready effortless. I have this one in brown and absolutely love it.

What I Made:

  • Halloween Sugar Cookies: You guys, we do not do fancy! These cookies are pretty silly, but they have become a staple in our house. The kids look forward to decorating them every year. They may not be the prettiest, but they taste the best! The lemon extract is the perfect addition. You can make these special for any Holiday! I hope you had an amazing Halloween!
  • White Chili with Tomato Garnish: We would put this chili up against any! The white beans give it a little different flavor and its delicious. But what makes it the absolute best? The tomato garnish! So much fresh flavor, and the whole family will love it.
  • Baked Chicken and Potatoes Italiano: Italian night is always one of our favorites. But sometimes, I just don't feel like pasta! This is the perfect meal for nights like this. It is light, delicious, and so easy. I even love bringing this to people who are in need of a meal.

What I Used:

  • Danish Dough Hook: If you don't have one of these yet, you need it! It is honestly incredible. With all the bread and desserts we make, this tool gets a ton of use at our house. And honestly, I love it more than ever. With Christmas around the corner, this will make the perfect gift. But if you don't have one for yourself yet, treat yourself! This will change your mixing game forever.
  • White Mixing Bowls: Finally, these are your basic, every day bowls. I love them! I find myself pulling them out at just about ever meal. This should be a staple in every kitchen. They come in different sizes and are so easy to clean.

Well that is it for this week! We are heading to Pinners in AZ this weekend, so keep following along. And don't forget, keep cooking, your family is worth it!


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