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TDF Weekly

TDF Weekly

It's time for another TDF weekly! We only have a few more weeks before Sr. Food Nanny heads to Belgium. We are trying to fit in as much as possible before we are separated! Here's what we were up to last week:

What we have been up to:

  • Celebrating Mr. Food Nanny's birthday! His birthday is coming up, so we got together as a family for a delicious meal. We decided to make Brisket on our Traeger and it was incredible. Everyone loved it! It is so much fun getting together and celebrating our loved ones around an amazing meal.
  • Meal Planning: This week, we did a special live all about one of our favorite topics...Meal planning! Gathering around as a family is so important and crucial. But if you don't plan your meals ahead of time, it won't happen. Life is just too crazy! So we have developed a system that really works. Our different theme nights helps keep things exciting and healthy. Planning ahead of time may seem daunting, but it will save you so much time and money in the end!
  • Organizing our Pantry: We finally jumped on the train and organized our pantry! It is bringing us so much joy seeing how beautiful it is and knowing exactly what we have.
  • Made Raffaella's Pasta: We made this in our stories and it is incredible! It is a true Italian meal we learned from Raffaella himself. It is a little bit of a labor of love, but worth every second.

What we are loving:

  • Caramore (8.8 ounce) Cheese by Tine Norway: We were snacking on this during our Meal Planning live and it is divine! It is a dessert cheese that we have been loving. It is sweet and fudge like with a hint of goat's milk. You can even grab it right here on amazon!
  • Cheese Knife: We don't have this exact set, but we love this one. If you are wanting to serve cheese, grab yourself this!
  • Marble and Acacia Wood Cheese Paddle: After our live, we had so many questions about this amazing cheese board. It is the perfect size and adorable. We love layering it with other cutting boards on our counter. You need this!
  • Salt Jars: Look what's back in stock! This jar is from France and we love everything about it. It is the perfect way to store our French Salt, and even looks on your counter. These fly off the shelf, so don't wait!
  • Euro Milk Glasses: We LOVE these cups. They are such a good price and we use them everyday.

That's it for this week! Check out this weeks adventures over on Instagram. Keep cooking, your family is worth it!


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