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Portion Control

Portion Control

4 Part Series: Portion Control by The Food Nanny Part 1: MY PORTION CONTROL PHILOSOPHY

I have had many requests from all of you to explain exactly how I implemented portion control throughout my life.

Portion control has saved me! Using my way to limit my food intake has given me freedom to eat a great variety of food just the way I love to eat it. I learned at a young age to push my plate back before I was stuffed or full. Today, I can still eat everything I love and crave using this same technique. I don't need to use fat free products in my cooking which reduces the quality of taste. I just eat until I am satisfied, and I will be satisfied because I have made the recipe just as it is.

Portion control works. I never plan on skipping a meal. Don't skip meals!! This is so important. If you do, you know what's going to happen. You won't make it to the next meal before you are starving. You will end up eating twice as much and you will usually not be satisfied. Learn to let yourself know what it is like to be hungry. You need not eat every time you fill hungry. Enjoy a small snack, if you must, to help you get to the next meal. A snack might include half a protein bar, a piece of cheese, fruit, popcorn, a few nuts, chips and salsa, a few veggies, a cookie. Grazing is good for some people. For me I don’t care for it because I tend to take in way too many calories without realizing it.

Eating 3 main meals a day is perfect. Don't deny yourself of taking a minute to enjoy good food morning noon and night. This is your time to just relax, to reflect on the day, to nourish your soul with something satisfying. Diets don't work long term! Learn how to eat healthy and create a lifestyle like I did that will carry you for the rest of your life!

The Food Nanny.


Stay tuned to see my ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! FullSizeRender

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