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In case you missed it...

In case you missed it...

Happy Monday Fannies! We have decided to start something new around here with a weekly recap post. This way you can stay up to date with everything happening over on instagram, even if you miss a couple posts. And what a week we just had! It was absolutely incredible! Here are a few of the highlights.

Our Warehouse is OPEN! Its a one stop shop, so you can come grab the hot pads, books, Kamut, salt, EVERYTHING! The pickups are still available for Kamut as well, and we can't wait to get our new pickup locations up and running. Address: 4100 South West Temple Salt Lake

On Tuesday, we had a live showing you our amazing Lasagna Bolognese with Bechamel Sauce. Oh man, this is incredible! It is one of our most time consuming recipes, but we promise its worth it. Food Nanny Sr. put this recipe together after trying it at Bruno's Restaurant on Costa del Sol, Spain. The béchamel (white) sauce makes all the difference. We love using De Cecco brand lasagna noodles. They are the absolute best, besides homemade of course. Stay tuned, we will be showing you homemade kamut noodles soon! What we like most about this lasagna is its very light. We made it with our delicious Italian Bread, but it also pairs well with a salad. Make this for your family, we promise you will not be disappointed!

Another highlight of this week was getting invited to Studio 5 with Brooke Walker. This was a dream! She was so amazingly kind. It was an emotional experience getting to talk about our instagram and some of our favorite things. Its such an honor to be able to share our love for food and family with so many of you! Click here to watch the segment. And if you haven't made our French Croque Monsieur sandwich yet, you are missing out!

We also posted about our Strawberries and Cream cupcakes and you guys were in love! The cake version that we have been cooking for years is unreal, and the cupcake version does not disappoint. You have to give it a try next time you are asked to bring a dessert, it is a total crowd pleaser.

Since we had our big Live with Charlotte from Vivi et Margot on Saturday, we decided to show you a quick and easy pasta in stories on Friday. Make this spaghetti with quick tomato sauce (page 64 from the first book) on a busy weeknight! The key to making this yummy is to use quality ingredients like these tomatoes. Dinner really doesn't need to be complicated to be delicious.

Now for our Live with Vivi et Margot! We have been such huge fans of hers for years. She shares our love for all things French, and it was so fun bonding over that. Her shop truly speaks to our heart. If you missed the live, make sure and watch it for her whole story. We asked her what the most important thing we can do to make our homes feels more french, and her answer was add BASKETS! You guys know how obsessed we are with these. Food Nanny Sr. has been bringing them home from France for years. We have them everywhere! Remember the amazing kitchen remodel? Its designed around these baskets! The love runs deep. If you don't have a basket in your home, run to her website! They are all handmade and add so much character.

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She left us with some gifts from her shop and we are in love! Everything is perfection, from a new bread basket, a soap cube, the softest tea towels, and a filt bag! She even left us a new basket to bring more French into our home. Getting to know Charlotte and having the opportunity to cook with her was something we will never forget. She is such an inspiration. Check out her website and thank us later!

And now for what you have to look forward to this week! We will have our usual live schedule of Tuesday and Friday that you won't want to miss. And here's what we will be cooking:

Monday: Beef Stew with Dumplings

Tuesday: Fired Up Mac & Cheese

Wednesday: Pancakes

Thursday: Sweet Pork Salad with Lime Dressing

Friday: Pizza with Potatoes and Ham

Saturday: BBQ Cheese Crusted Steak

Sunday: Chicken Tarragon with Cream

Have the best week! And remember, keep cooking your family is worth it!

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