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Hawaii & The Dreamiest Wedding

Hawaii & The Dreamiest Wedding
We are wanting to catch you all up on what we have been up to the last couple of months...It was so great to be with family in Hawaii! We had a blast together and also a food related highlight was a delicious pineapple sandwich that we knew we would want to recreate when we got home. It’s fun to go on vacation and it’s also great to come home. We love home. We love our kitchen, our wonderful food, warm cozy fires, hot chocolate family and friends. There truly is no place like home! The absolute highlight of the month was being able to do the wedding for our dear friends, Ashley and Audy. We are not caterers but we sure do love a party...and what a party this was! It was held at Katherine Heigle's Barn. Yes, Katherine from the hit TV show Suits! Her husband, Josh Kelly, who is a pop rock artist also sang with his guitar which was the absolute highlight of the evening! What a great nice guy!!! We did our classic cheese boards that we are known for, with our veggies and Charcuterie boards. Our Mexican Hot Chocolate stole the show….along with Lizi’s to die for cakes. She made 10 cakes total….all were a labor of love. They taste like none other and were such a hit….Lizi is our little in house baker from heaven! Be sure to check out our Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe here and look in Book 2 for the Strawberry and Chocolate Gnache Cakes. xoxo Liz & Lizi
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