"I want to bring families home for dinner."
- The Food Nanny

My husband, Steve, is a retired airline pilot, so I have traveled from France to Singapore, from the desert of the Sahara to the bustling modern cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai, from the mountains of Peru to the fjords of Alaska, and from sea to shining sea all over my homeland, America. Everyone across this vast world has one thing in common and that is DINNERTIME.

We are all eager for a tasty meal at dinnertime. Trattorias, diners, and restaurants big and small across the world are preparing for those who will come to enjoy the "dinner hour." The dinner hour at HOME can be even more enjoyable. I want to bring more families HOME FOR DINNER.

When Steve and I were raising our seven children, our consistent family dinnertime was the glue that kept our family close. We couldn't help but be aware of one another's needs. We knew what was happening every day because we ate dinner together. We all looked forward to dinnertime.

As the Food Nanny, I have been able to help other families find their way to a consistent dinnertime. Everyone loves the two-week menu plan. Most start out with one week and before the week is half over, they are calling me to help them finish another week.

Everyone loves the idea of shopping once every two weeks (except for the perishables like milk or produce) and knowing that they have the food in the house ready to go! I also help families with their food budgets, pantry items, and kitchen supplies.

My plan has changed these families' entire outlook toward dinnertime. Everyone loves my theme nights: Comfort food, Italian, Fish & Meatless, Mexican, Pizza, Grill, and Tradition Days. All of this is laid out in my two cookbooks: The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner AND The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Again! xo.

The aromas of dinner coming from your kitchen can permeate your home every night. This atmosphere cannot happen if you are eating out, where the focus is on the restaurant, not your kitchen or your family.

Nothing was more meaningful to our family each day than the consistency of having a dinnertime together. I believe it played the biggest role in keeping the communication between family members wide open. We bonded as a family. We shared in each others' accomplishments and each others' tears. Our loyalty grew toward one another to form a UNITED FAMILY.

I wrote these cookbooks because I have a passion to help young mothers and families who are struggling to put dinner on the table every night. Even if you're cooking only for yourself, YOU deserve a meaningful dinnertime. I believe this is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family each day.

See you at dinner,

Liz Edmunds xo