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West Virginia Hot Dogs

We learned how to make this recipe from Jan while working on the Food Nanny show. We were shooting in Solvang, California when she made us her famous West Virginia hot dogs. We all fell in love with Jan and her hot dogs. These have become my favorite hot dogs ever!

A West Virginia Hot Dog is topped with chili sauce and coleslaw. It may seem strange, but it’s amazing. Our no beans chili honestly make this meal.

Our entire family adores these hot dogs. It just screams summertime! When the seasons start to change, we make this meal to hold on to the last piece of summer fun.

To make for an easy dinner time, you can make the chili and coleslaw 1 day ahead of time. I like to keep the ingredients separate and let everyone make their hot dog exactly how the want it!

Next grill night, give this a try! You might think you won’t like it, but everyone does. This recipe will make you a believer in hot dogs again!



The Food Nannies