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Tilapia with Asparagus

Who doesn’t want to add more fish into their diet?? I DO!!! Tilapia with asparagus for the WIN!! Tilapia is a white light fish that is fairly inexpensive. Tilapia can be found in just about every grocery store both frozen and fresh. I love making Tilapia with Asparagus for a few reasons. First, because you can make it for just one! Some of us don’t have to cook for large families. This meal works for either types. Second reason…. It’s FAST… Third reason it tastes really great and fresh! When you feel like something light and healthy this is a great choice. Many of you are trying to eat healthier. Which is great. Just remember moderation. A variety of food in smaller portions is key.

If you have another favorite kind of white fish. Don’t be afraid to us it! Tilapia is easy to find and I always have some in the freezer! Asparagus was a great buy this week at my local market! TIP.. keep parchment paper on hand to save time on cleaning a baking sheet!