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Oeuf a la Coque (Dippy Eggs)

I tried this for the first time in a little cafe called Le Petit Cler. Just the cutest little place on an old cobblestone street which is in the heart of the neighborhood of Rue Cler, Paris. Have we ever mentioned before how much we love all things French?

These little gems are best at 6 minutes for dipping. If you want the egg to be fully set but with a gooey yolk, go for 8 minutes. If you cook it for 10 minutes, it will be slightly soft in the middle. Take your pick!

I would recommend 6-8 minutes for the most authentic experience. That is how they are served in Paris! I like to bring my water to a full boil, and then drop the room temperature eggs carefully in, 2-3 at a time.

Do all of this in a small saucepan with the water covering the eggs by about an inch. I then turn the heat down to a medium boil and turn the timer on immediately. Viola!

With this method, your egg will be perfect every time! Take the eggs out when the timer goes off. Then run it quickly under warm water, set it in an egg holder, cut the top off, and top with salt and pepper. Click here for an egg topper cutter.

Have your bread toasted and sliced into thin stripes. We love to use either our French Baguettes or regular Kamut bread. And dip away! So delicious!