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The Food Nanny Favorites for December

The Food Nanny Favorites for December

We are so thrilled to share with you our Favorite Things for December! We have had a great time selecting our festive must haves! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. xoxo

a. Reindeer from Fernweh in Midway, Utah. Each year Fernweh offers the most darling Reindeer you have ever seen! They come hand made in different fabrics that are just so unique and so precious. You will enjoy these for years to come.

b. These Dish Towels from Sun River Gardens are one of our most favorite! Belgium Linen, such quality items. They last forever! This amazing store in Orem, Utah, has unique quality everything for your home and garden…for us, kitchens in particular. For Christmas, Sun River Gardens has for us the most beautiful red and green. Bring them out just for Christmas or buy the green for all year round. Use the Red now and at Valentines and to celebrate the 4tth of July…These don’t wear out and they feel so good and absorb water sooo good!!!!

c. The Food Nanny Kamut Flour - Kamut is delicious, Nutritional, Best texture, best digestibility! Pure strain. Never modified. Organic, incredible flexibility! Our most favorite grain in the entire world. Bake all of your favorite holiday treats with this amazing Ancient Grain, you will love it!

d. Spatula from Orson Gygi - For years we have been giving away this darling spatula for Christmas from Orson Gygi in SLC, Utah! Patsy first brought me one over 25 years ago !!! This is the gift that never stops giving….Its a tiny spatula that we use all year long !! The tiny spatulas come in wood or plastic, both are great. Either costs $1.00…..yes $1.00. Hang them from a small gift, put the spatula with a cookie tray, bread, with a baking sheet. Numerous cute ways to give away this much needed, quality, must have, use everyday spatula!!!

e. Blueberry Lemon Scones - This recipe in in Book 2 on page 99. These scones take us back to England where we first ate a real scone!!! These are even better with the blueberries and fresh lemon. They are fast, easy and delicious. We served these are our Live Christmas party at Desiree's house. If you can get 2 seconds to have a little tea party with your closest friends or with a neighbor or someone who is lovely it will brighten your day! Serve these when its oh so cold outside and you need a warm drink. They go so well with Herbal Tea. They are light and soooooo good! They make a pretty presentation as well! Thanks Annie for sharing these with us!

f. Jalapeño Cranberry Freezer Jam Spread - This recipe is in Book 2 on page 285. We love this jam on any sandwich that we can think of! Carol brought this to me years ago for Christmas and she said she can't live without it! I added the jalapeños and my family when crazy with love!!! If you like spice make sure to use all three jalapeños with the seeds when making the jam. The three cups usually works out to be one 12oz bag. Buy extra fresh cranberries now and stick in the freezer. They freeze for up to one year!!! (Wrap in plastic or put in a ziplock) I can't not have this jam on my cheese boards now...can't live without it!!!

g. Scarlet's Pizza Night Dessert - This recipe is in Book 2 on page 153. We showed how to make these on a live last week. They are so simple, but so tasty. Use your leftover Pizza dough for making these or take some dough out of your freezer, thaw and simply fry, dress and serve!! They make any Pizza night just a little more special. We learned how to do these in Rome, Italy. We were served these after our Pizza for free…They were served on a tiny bread board and so cute and so delicious!! We came back from Rome and figured out how to do our own!! Try making these for your gang!

h. Christmas Bags with greenery for the your front and back doors! Brambles and Blossoms in Provo, Utah is stocked with plenty of bags for you to fill with your own greenery and Lisa will fill them for you and make it sooo the season !! I love mine hanging half way down my door! Everyone has commented on how unique and cute this door bag is. Bags come in 2 sizes. Medium for the door hanging and small to fill yourself with candy or any Christmas treat you might be hand delivering. Go see Lisa at Brambles and mention thefoodnanny and she will sell you the medium bag for $9.99 the small bag for $5.99

i. We absolutely love our Bamboo Wooden Spoons from Surlatable. Buy them online or in store all year long….They are our most favorite wooden spoon now for over 15 years!!!

j. Silver Votive Candleholders - This is exactly what you need to start creating Hygge in your home! Light these candles on a daily basis for a warm and cozy atmosphere. At lunch, dinner or anytime of the day. We love how it makes our homes so cozy. This set from World Market is dreamy!

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