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Thanksgiving Winning Pie!

Thanksgiving Winning Pie!

This Thanksgiving everyone got together at grandma Liz's house. There were over 50 of us there. We had 3 turkeys, 2 hams, hot rolls, all of the awesome side dishes, and a dozen pies! We had all of the yummy smells of Thanksgiving dinner, the fire roaring, and everyone laughing at aunt Sue's crazy stories! It was so much fun! This year everyone made their favorite pies for the first annual pie contest. I love all kinds of pies, especially banana cream. A judge was selected for the contest and the taste testing began.

After having tasted the pumpkin, chocolate, raspberry and 8 other flavors of pie, my banana cream pie won! In the excitement and cheering of the winners announcement, grandma Liz got bumped into by one of the grandkids while she was holding the award winning banana cream pie and the pie ended up on the floor! No one else was able to taste the pie.

Some said that I paid off the judge, but others think the pie on the floor was sabotage by the bitter 2nd place finisher - grandma Liz holding the pie. I didn't get to try my own award-winning banana cream pie, but it was a very memorable Thanksgiving!

XO, Kimi

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